Only 6% of American Jews Who Dislike Trump Would Consider Voting for Him Based on Israel Policy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2018

Coming into the office, President Trump viewed the Jews as an interest group that needs to be managed. They need managing not because they are an especially large voting bloc, but because they have such disproportionate amounts of influence over American society – both on the left and the right.

Last month, we heard a rumor that Trump was angry that Jews were not supporting him even though he’s been full-on for Israel.

This was an “unnamed sources” report, but it is one that certainly appears to ring true.

This week, a poll came out showing just how little Trump’s support for Israel has done to stem Jewish rage.

Times of Israel:

US President Donald Trump’s policies toward Israel are not generating support for him among American Jews, a poll released Wednesday found.

While a slim majority of American Jews said they approved of Trump’s handling of relations with the Jewish state, the vast majority said that would not cause them to vote for him.

The survey, by The Mellman Group, found that 51 percent of American Jewish respondents said they approved of the president’s US-Israel approach, but just 6% said they would vote for him due to his Israel policies despite differing from him on other issues. Moreover, 20% said they agreed with Trump on Israel, but would still would not vote for him.

Now, there are obviously Jews in America who put Israel above everything else, and will vote exclusively based on that. Those are what we call “Republican Jews.”

However, Trump has the lowest Jewish support of any pro-Israel Republican ever in American history. So even Jews who have traditionally put Israel first and voted for the Republican party are moving away from that policy due to how deeply Trump has enraged them.

The situation of the Saudi Arabian journalist is interesting in light of this. Though it is low-key in mainstream news, every single Jew is aware that Saudi Arabia is the shield and sword of Israel. And yet, you now have the entire Jewish media attacking Saudi Arabia, because attacking Saudi Arabia means attacking Trump.

This has never happened before. Always, Saudi Arabia got a pass in the American media due to their special relationship with the Jews.

What this appears to indicate is that while all Jews support Israel first if all things are equal, American Jews are now putting hurting Trump above helping Israel.

What this means is that Trump’s Israel strategy has failed. There is no reason to work in the interests of Israel if doing so does not mean that Jews are going to let up on him domestically.

Of course, he has to at least rhetorically support Israel, and make various gestures, because half his base is made up of lunatic evangelicals.

However, evangelicals are extremely stupid. Literally, they are dumber than black people. They have no idea that Israel is the main backer of ISIS. They don’t know anything about anything that is happening in the Middle East at all – they are simply fixated on a bizarre fantasy about scifiesque biblical prophecy.

In other words, these big moves that Trump has made in support of Israel – the arms deal with Saudi Arabia that was negotiated by Jared Kushner, the strikes on Syria because of gas baby meme – these did absolutely nothing to benefit him with his evangelical constituency, which didn’t even know they were done on behalf of Jews. And the Jews rejected these gestures, meaning they were for naught.

This should be a liberating thing. If he understands that no matter what he does, these Jews are going to be on his back – including the hardcore neocon Jews like Jennifer Rubin, William Kristol, et al – then he can put aside the notion of doing anything at all for Jews beyond what is necessary to keep the evangelicals happy.