The Problematic Nature of the “Palestinians are Today’s Jews” Narrative

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2018

Liberal Jews – a group of “people” more commonly known as “greasy kike sewer rats” – are increasingly siding with the Palestinians against the Jewish King Bibi.

They claim that their oppressed cousins are being abused in a way similar to the way Jews were themselves abused by Europeans.

There’s an op-ed in the Israeli paper Haaretz making this argument today.

While I am not going to say that Jews were never oppressed – perhaps more appropriate a term would be “repressed” – by Europeans, “a group of people being treated badly” is where the analogy ends.

Let me go through some of the differences, in bullet point form.

  • Jews had invaded (“infiltrated” probably a better term) Europe, whereas Jews have invaded and stolen the land of the Palestinians.
  • Jews were persecuted because of their behavior, which involved social and financial manipulation of their host nations, whereas Palestinians didn’t do anything.
  • The persecution of Jews in Europe was practical, in that it had the specific end of getting rid of them by sending them out, whereas the abuse of Palestinians appears to mainly be sadistic in nature.
  • Jews possessed an international ethnic network used to help one another out, while the racial kinsmen of the Palestinians are leaving them to be slaughtered.

And you could go on and on.

Again, it is on Jews making this analogy to elaborate on the nature of it.

Because actually, a better analogy would be: “Palestinians are the new Europeans, being abused by Jews.”

That still isn’t great analogy, but the similarity of “Jews come into your country under false premises, trick you, abuse and hurt you, kill your children, steal from you and then continually claim that they are the victim of you” makes this analogy much more apt than the other.

Jus sayin.

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