Omaha: Heroic Retard Rises in Opposition to Stormer Book Club’s Enrichment of Little Free Libraries

Daily Stormer
July 21, 2018

The Omaha Nebraska chapter of Stormer Book Club is very community minded and always looking for a way to help out.

When they saw these “Little Free Libraries” popping up in their neighborhoods, they felt it their civic duty to provide some decent reading material.

WOTW News:

But not everyone appreciated this gesture of goodwill and kindness.

Over the past week, booklets titled, “You and Your Folk,” have been popping up in the libraries. They are texts translated to English and originating from works published in Nazi Germany.

The text of the booklet says it’s meant to be given to German boys and girls once they finish basic schooling and it summarizes Nazi Reich, race and patriotism.

Mary Kelly was shocked to find one of the booklets in her neighborhood library.

“The fact that it was in my little library, which we put here for all the neighborhood kids, because this neighborhood has tons of kids, and it’s sort of a sharing library. You can take a book if you want, you can leave a book if you want. And, the fact that that’s there, that they could get their hands on… it’s disgusting,” said Kelly.

Mostly, people fear the booklets getting in the hands of children.

Why? The books were obviously made specifically for kids. Good stuff! Helps grow them up strong and moral.

But never fear. Just at that moment, along comes a retard to save the day!

One local man is taking the removal of the booklets upon himself. J.D. Mossberg was filing through Kelly’s Little Free Library this morning and found another one.

“I found this Nazi book that was in the neighborhood that was in the book case over here,” explained Mossberg.

He told Kelly to call the police.

“They’re bad, and they’re gross and disgusting,” said Mossberg.

He said he wont stop until he’s checked every bookshelf in his neighborhood.

“Whosever [sic] doing this better know that our neighborhood doesn’t stand for the Swastika or Nazis or evil,” said Mossberg.

Thanks for the tip, retard. Here’s one for you: Don’t play with your boogers.fd

I like these optics. Retards vs Nazis. This should work out just fine.

Speaking of retards, Jewsweek got in on the act too.


A batch of Little Free Library outposts in Omaha, Nebraska, were infiltrated Wednesday when parents of its child patrons discovered dozens of bound neo-Nazi propaganda booklets stuffed in its stacks.

The propaganda-laden tomes that turned up on Monday were reported in the West Omaha neighborhoods of Treadwood, Leawood and Dear Ridge, according to The Plains States Region of the Anti-Defamation League.

Its regional director, Dr. Mary Beth Muskin, told Newsweek the incident came on the heels of two other similar information offensives.

On May 7, Muskin said there were anti-Semitic flyers papered around an Omaha neighborhood.

A month later, on July 1, she said a book turned up in a Little Free Library titled: The English Translation from the Third Reich.

The ADL then received 19 reports additional on Monday of the same book planted inside the libraries, she said.

“There’s been a lot of concern,” she said. “The first reports have come from parents saying, ‘You’re not going to believe what my child brought home.'”

The Omaha Police Department was also informed of the incidents, but she said so far that whoever attempted to taint the libraries with the questionable reads didn’t break any laws.

“It’s not illegal,” she said.

Correct. It is not illegal to help the kiddos.

And there you have it.

Props to Omaha SBC for this and much more great work they consistently do.

If you’re a young White Man of Good Character, who is at least 18 years old and you’re interested in joining Stormer Book Club, or would like more info, please feel free to email!

Keep watching over the weekend for several more riveting updates on recent SBC activism. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Hail Omaha SBC, and Hail Victory!

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  1. Shouldn’t censorship be illegal?

  2. weev says:

    tfw the opposition is literally retarded

  3. Don’t let these Jews bamboozle you.

    There’s no such crime as “hate speech.”

  4. I found Christian propaganda when I was in 4th grade. It was a comic about a guy who hadn’t accepted Christ into his life. He then dies, goes to hell, and relented the fact that he would now burn for eternity.

    I was raised in a semi-traditional Catholic family, and I attended CCD classes, so I knew the score. The propaganda wasn’t going to change me. But the imagery stuck with me. I still remember thinking how bad ass that little comic was, with pictures of Death and Satan and actual images of hell. I kept it hidden from my parents, though in hindsight they probably wouldn’t have cared too much.

    Point remains, this kind of stuff can stick with a person for an extremely long time.

  5. weev says:

    dude, it literally put a retard crying on the TV. it is funny.

    this was perfect. milder literature wouldn’t have generated this awesome meme.

    the optics debate was not “never mention adolf hitler or the nazis” it was “don’t dress up like a costumed larper in the public square, look normal when you appear in public”

    if you are making memes, swastikas and hitler is ok. if you are attempting to do demonstrations or political lobbying, they are not.

  6. weev says:

    dude. think what just went on here

    all the moms are freaking out about their kids being exposed to nazi literature, and the kids are getting told by a 40 year old literal retard how uncool it is to be a nazi. what do you think those kids are going to do next?

    stop with the boomin, peter

  7. Psssst…hey Peter


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