Okay So Now Churches are Being Shut Down for Opposing Homosexuality

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2018

Church kicked out of a building for opposing homosexuality…

I don’t think this has ever happened before.

It used to be that you couldn’t do racism, no matter what, but Christians were still allowed to do anti-homo.

Pretty sure we just passed a new marker on the road to hell here.

Actually, we’re already in hell – we passed a marker on the hell road to the darkest pit of hell.


An Auburn church with a controversial message on a sign has been forced out of their building.

ABC21 reached a church member by phone Saturday who confirmed the news.

On Wednesday, June 27, Remnant Fellowship Church in Auburn posted a sign reading, “LGBTQ is a hate crime against God. Repent.”

ABC21 previously spoke with a pastor of Remnant Fellowship, who said at the time their message is an attempt to “…reach young people and steer them away from a lifestyle they believe is harmful to them.”


Nah, it’s fine.

The church maintains it is not intolerant of others beliefs, but that it’s finding those on the other side of this issue are intolerant of the beliefs of Remnant Fellowship Church.

Yeah, see.

That’s the attitude that got us all here.

Of course they are intolerant – because they are upholding a value system. A value system that says anal sex with men is a sacred act, which all must praise.

You say you are against homosexuality, but you tolerate people who are for it?

This is like, an oxymoron.

To have a moral order, you have to be intolerant of those who violate that moral order.

The moral order of a society is a zero sum game.

“Tolerance” was a kike trick to get all their degenerate shit into society, then when they had saturated it, they stopped tolerating any form of opposition to any of it.

How do these people still not get this?

Losers Back Down

Homosexuals, or as I like to call them “cocksucking faggots,” are a cult. And they will mob attack you.

You can’t back down to these sickos.

They bombed their Google reviews.

They’re rabid animals.

Why on earth would you not stand your ground and fight?

Westboro Baptist Church did. They beat the faggots at the Supreme Court.

They sure as shit didn’t “tolerate” fags and fag lovers.

God hates fags.

We have no obligation. Stop losing, Christians. It’s disgusting. Jesus weeps at you saying you tolerate fags and fag lovers.

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