Okay So Now Canada Mosque Shooter is a White Male Trump Supporter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2017

Conveniently, the Quebec mosque shooter is now white.

Fox News:

The lone suspect accused of opening fire at a Quebec City mosque was formally charged with six counts of first-degree murder on Monday evening, one day after the massacre that killed six men.

The suspect was identified as 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette, a student at the nearby Laval University, the CBC reported. Bissonnette also was charged with five counts of attempted murder.

A second man, Mohamed el Khadir, was initially identified as an additional suspect by Quebec officials. Reuters and the French language newspaper La Presse reported earlier that one of the suspects was of Moroccan origin, a report that was picked up by Fox News and other news outlets. But police later announced there was only one suspect in the attack, and Khadir was identified as a witness.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the massacre at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre, calling it a ‚Äúterrorist attack on Muslims.‚Ä̬†The attack unfolded in the men’s section of the mosque on Sunday night.

Trudeau said in Parliament the victims were targeted simply because of their religion and spoke to directly to the more than 1 million Muslims that live in Canada, saying, “We are with you.”

Five people were in critical condition and at least 12 others suffered minor injuries, University of Quebec Hospital Centre spokeswoman Genevieve Dupuis said Monday. The dead ranged in age from age 35 to 65.

A possible motive was unclear. Police said they did not believe there were other suspects.

One gunman was armed with an AK-47, the Le Soleil newspaper reported.

It wasn’t simply that Mohamed el Khadir was reported as a second suspect – it was also reported that eyewitnesses said both men were shouting “Allah Akbar.” So, what it looked like was a legit Moslem with a confused white “convert.” That, of course, would have been the worst conceivable narrative – not only are they engaging in attacks, they’re brainwashing our kids into helping them.

So then the story changes.

Of course, stories do change. Fog of war and all that. But this one changed drastically 24 hours after, which is atypical for a mass-shooting.

It is also now being reported that his classmates said he was a Trump supporter.

Daily Mail:

A classmate told DailyMail.com that Bissonnette was pro-Donald Trump and that they had engaged in political arguments about the president.

‘Based on the conversations that I had with him during the American presidential campaign, it’s true he is pro-Trump,’ the student, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

He added that he Bissonnette had ‘never demonstrated’ a violent side but that he didn’t ‘fit in’ among peers.

‘Yes, he was conservative in the political sense but despite the profound differences between us, he never showed or suggested that political violence or terrorism was something he was capable of.

‘He didn’t fit in well at university.’

I have no special insight here.

I think it is suspicious.

But we’ll see.