Oh, Good: Neocon Crazy McMaster is Out

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2018

This guy was horrible. Good he’s out. That is good for everyone.

He was really an unbelievable scumbag who was yet another figure trying to undermine Trump directly, while also of course pushing his kike war agenda.

Daily Caller:

The White House is reportedly planning to replace national security adviser H.R. McMaster as early as next month, in a plan Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and chief of staff John Kelly drew up.

The move would send McMaster back to a high-level Army command and bring in auto industry executive Stephen Biegun as national security adviser, NBC News reported, citing five administration officials.

McMaster served as director of the Army Capabilities Integration Center in Virginia when he was named national security adviser in February 2017. He remained an active duty Army lieutenant general rather than retire from military service.

Rumors swirled in Washington that President Donald Trump soured on McMaster as national security adviser. McMaster told a forum last month in Germany that evidence for Russian meddling in the 2016 election was “incontrovertible” — a comment that drew a sharp, public correction from the president.

I don’t understand these war people.

I do understand that they just like war and want to do wars, because that is their thing. That’s weird I guess but whatever, if that’s their thing that’s their thing. What I don’t understand is why they can’t do wars against Israel’s allies. Like, why instead of helping ISIS fight Assad can’t they be like “let’s help Yemen fight Saudi”?

Isn’t it pretty much the same difference, if you’re just a war-loving type guy?