Ocean’s 8: The Feminist Version of Ocean’s 11 Looks Absolutely Awful

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2017

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Hollywood has no original ideas. The vast majority of Hollywood films are remakes of older movies, sequels or superhero movies based off of comic book characters. The few original movies released in recent years have not done well [Excluding Blade Runner 2049. -AA].

Further illustrating the creative problems within Hollywood is this new feminist remake of Ocean’s 11 called Ocean’s 8. The original Ocean’s 11 film came out in 1960 starring Frank Sinatra. That movie was already remade in the early 2000s spawning a number of sequels.

The trailer for Ocean’s 8 came out today and as expected it is one of the most awful things imaginable.

Did they not learn from the disaster that was the feminist Ghostbusters remake? The trailer for that film became one of the most hated YouTube videos of all time netting over a million dislikes. They ruined an entire movie franchise with over the top feminism put into the film. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer for yourself. It’s one of the most cancerous things you’ll ever see.

There’s the distinct possibility that Ocean’s 8 could suffer the same fate as the feminist Ghostbusters remake. There is nothing appealing at all about Sandra Bullock and a multiracial troupe of middle-aged women scheming a heist. Why the hell would anybody want to see such nonsense? It’s just another attempt to cram feminism down our throats. Haven’t they gotten the message that people are tiring of this crap? Guess not!

Please go on YouTube and mash the dislike button for the official trailer. Feminism is a cancer which has destroyed Western civilization. Films pushing feminism, girl power and associated nonsense need to be openly criticized and boycott for the garbage that it is.

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  1. Oceans 88: Las Vegas is burned down and the earth is salted.

  2. The old hag in the trailer - her voice has an uncanny resemblance to Sandra Bullock’s.

  3. gtkwrn says:

    What do a group of feminist eat at a picnic?

    Nothing because none of them made any sandwiches

  4. I won’t even download this crap for free.

  5. Each other.

  6. They should call it “Ocean’s Ate” cause you know that every one of those whores were feasting on kike chodes to get their careers.

  7. Haha is that all the Women Havey Weinstein Groyped by the pussy in one film?

  8. Unholywood should double-down, and remake EVERYTHING with STRONG, INDEPENDENT FEMINISTS. They should even do the classics, like Sands of Iwo Jima, except John Wayne’s role is played by a ball busting Philipina. I’m sure those made up a substantial portion of the Marine Corps NCOs in WWII. Totally believable and realistic.

    But really, I just want to see Unholywood burn down, and the California fires aren’t working fast enough.

  9. Bon says:

    Feminist: Make my fucking sandwich, you bigoted, hateful White Male.

    Beta Male:Uh, OK:

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