NZ: Shitlib Panic Over “Far-Right Tattoo” Leads to Mass Evacuation of Disgusting Rasta Concert

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2019

This is how fragile and pathetic shitlib Whites are.

What appeared to be a far-right tattoo was the cause of thousands being evacuated from Wellington’s Homegrown festival.

Detective sketch of the possible right-wing tattoo

Concert-goers at the dub and roots stage in Waitangi Park were evacuated about 9.20pm on Saturday after security raised concerns about an attendee. They were allowed back in after about 20 minutes.

Police on Sunday morning said fears were raised about a man who appeared to have a far-right tattoo and was thought to be acting suspiciously. 

These degenerates thought that their day had finally come and were walking on eggshells the whole time, even while they were loaded on drugs.

And yes, this was some sort of a Dubstep Rasta concert.

While I have never condoned or supported anti-Rasta terrorism, the idea of people attending degenerate music concerts fearing for their lives does make me chuckle.

What’s more, the “far-right terror threat” lol interrupted the mandatory minute of virtue-sniveling.

It was this that sparked the evacuation but it turned out the tattoo was traditional and not tied to far-right ideology, police said.

Homegrown spokeswoman Kelly Wright said about 5000 people were evacuated following an incident “deemed enough of a threat to evacuate”. However, concert-goers returned shortly before 10pm, Wright said.

The evacuation meant a moment’s silence was not held at the planned time at the dub and roots stage. 

Like, false alarm scoobs! 

Statistically speaking, concert-goers have much more to fear from niggers in attendance or in the parking lot waiting to rob drunk/high people or Moslem terrorists trying to slaughter huge numbers of White people all packed tightly together.

And on some level, I think even these brain-dead hippies understand that.

But they can’t mention the fact that everyone feels a little jumpy these days going into high-density areas like concerts where mass slaughters have been taking place with more and more frequency because that would be committing a Racism. Shitlibs only feel comfortable admitting that they’re afraid of right-wing terror.

But hey, that’s just me lighting up a cig and putting on my detective hat, taking a puff and musing on the nature of Homo Liberalis.

Zoinks! They sure are stupid, aren’t they scoob? 

I’ve never heard of an indiscriminate right-wing terror attack on shitlibs listening to shitty music, no matter how degenerate and unworthy of life they are.

This is not a thing.

As we all well know, however, the opposite is simply not true.

Lefties have far more hatred for righties than righties have for lefties. The kill-count proves this beyond the shadow of a doubt.

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  1. We need to troll these faggots with “Subscribe to PewDiePie” stickers all over their cucky Island.

    No need to actually put up stickers. Take a photo, or use someone else’s photo, and then photo shop the sticker onto it. Or just put it up for a moment while you take the photo.

    You can also anonymously claim that you found a “subscribe to PewDiePie” note inside something you bought in the supermarket, then put the claim on twitter / send to journos.

    PewDiePie’s name will end up getting banned as hate speech. The youth will all subscribe, and get red pilled on the kikes, just for lulz.

  2. These NZ lemmings have gone totally batshit insane.

  3. What if it had been a right wing tattoo? Would they have kicked him out of the concert? Arrested him? Tarrant really accelerated things.

  4. That’s really saying something…because, personally, I loathe these faggot, leftist fucks to the point I would be filled with joy at their internment in camps and then being forced to take showers.

  5. I’m calling it right now… As Globo-Homo Clown-World gets more and more degenerate and chaotic in the coming years, it will eventually be impossible to even hold things like “concerts” or “ballgames” and other bread and circus events because the people will eventually be so suspicious of everyone else attending, and the society will be so socially polarized, and the badge-niggers that much more poking their noses into everyone’s business…

    It will eventually just get to the point where public events like these don’t get scheduled any more in Western countries… Another thing is that people will be afraid to go out in public, and there’s a part of me that doesn’t even blame them for feeling that way… I certainly avoid many public places now, today- not because I am afraid but just because I do not want to rub elbows with normies and NPCs who are in one way or the other going to make my day more complicated than it already is…

    I think St. Tarrant’s practical joke in New Zealand has certainly accelerated this phenomenon… But I think in years to come it’s only going to get more acute to the point where mostly everyone is afraid to go to public events for one reason or the other…

  6. I used to run a fairly large music festival in the Northeast USA for 8 years. Even though I did a great job at creating a fun family-friendly event that was loved, respected and well-attended, the customer base was beyond lost in matters of serious politics and cultural awareness. I built a FB fan page up to 333,000 followers before FB shut it down because I was non-stop red-pilling my festival-goers on the JQ.

    It was just a matter of time before the venue I had contracted with cancellled the festival because they were deluged with emails from Jews and liberals demanding they “shut it down” because it was a “Antisemitic and Homophobic” festival.

    I spent 5 glorious months trolling the shit out of these types- I knew the festival was over because my base turned against me, but it was my Spartan moment to let it all burn on MY terms- which sent shockwaves through the festival community.

    I’m sure I got lots of people thinking and maybe helped them begin a journey down the rabbit hole.

    By the way- we need to start our own festival


  7. weev says:

    Antifa will show up and beat people, everyone who defends themselves will get arrested and the person that owns the land and the guy managing the event will get sued.

    Everyone who shows up will get meticulously photographed, hunted down, and lose their jobs. Their chance for a career in politics will likely be permanently ruined.

  8. weev says:

    There can’t be any kind of gathering, our ideology is too strongly opposed by the state. People need to show up to viable, electable political candidates only. We cannot line our guys up to get their lives ruined ever again. I think that, barring an actual kinetic revolution that is successful and removes the power of the unelected, anti-Constitutional deep state and Bay area corporate technocrats to act against us permanently, physical events will not be prudent at any point before I am elderly.

    And I think that the odds that people are going to liquidate the agents of ZOG in defense of the Constitution is pretty low. I’m not going to hold my breath for it.

  9. Leftists are taking moral panic to a level that medieval Christians would consider excessive. It’s something that should be near the forefront of your awareness going into 2020. If you thought wearing a MAGA hat was risky behavior, wait until they’re accosting random people on the street for not wearing obvious globohomo signalling attire.

  10. weev says:

    Can’t think of a process that has been worse for morale than the post-Cville doxings and arrests, which continue to this past week.

    Literally, last within the past week.

    This guy was a solid, decent man that has been involved in the community for ages. He’s at massive risk for prosecution now, and his future is significantly harmed. For basically no reason except a photo op for TWP, which is now defunct due to its founder snitching out his co-founder due to trailer park cuckolding-- though prominent weirdos and fed snitch promoters like Ramz and Striker are attempting to revive it.

    I think a second round of this saga would be as ruinous as the first.

    If you want to have a physical space for fun, you need to either

    1. Take control of a government, through a disciplined, multi-decade political struggle or military coup.
    2. Create an artificial island and start your own nation.
    3. Court an existing nation into giving blanket shelter and protection to the entire movement.

    For #2 we’re going to require the support of several billionaires, so I highly suggest you start stacking cash.

    Until then every encroachment into the physical world needs to be treated carefully as a sensitive military operation in hostile territory, not like it is a game for morale. I think Tarrant is the biggest boost to people’s spirits we’ve seen so we just have to kind of take what we can in terms of joy out of things that happen in the world.

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