NYC: White Artist Dies After Getting Beaten Into a Coma by an Urban Youth

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2019

Marc Faust.

You can’t go anywhere these days without getting pummeled to death by an aspiring rapper or soulful street poet.

It’s strange that these people act like this despite being just like us in every way except for the color of the skin, but unfortunately that is the case.

NY Daily News:

An artist beaten into a coma by a stranger over a stare down at a Brooklyn bodega has died, relatives said Wednesday.

Marc Faust, 66, had been in a coma with little hope of recovery since he was attacked outside the Food Corp. Deli on Rogers and Clarkson Aves. in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens on July 2.

“The decision was made to pull Marc off the respirator and let him go,” Faust’s ex-wife and business partner Lee Renner told the Daily News.

Faust died at Kings County Hospital Tuesday night, relatives said.

A run of bad luck, which included his 2013 divorce and being temporarily homeless, brought the artist to Brooklyn. On July 2, he bought a scratch-off lottery ticket at the Food Corp. Deli hoping for a better future, but things took a dark turn when he stepped out of the store.

Police say 24-year-old Jason “Kai Kai” Jacob jumped him after a brief stare down. After knocking the older man to the floor, cops say Jacob jumped on Faust and pummeled him mercilessly, breaking his nose and leaving him with facial fractures and severe head trauma.

The assault came after Faust was waiting behind Jacob to buy the lottery ticket inside the bodega. Jacob became angry when Faust asked him to hurry up with his order, sparking the attack, sources say.

Jacob, who cops say lives in a homeless shelter, was arrested a short time later and is facing attempted murder charges. He was ordered held without bail and remains on Rikers Island, awaiting his next court appearance in August.

Criminal charges are expected to be upgraded to murder against him in the coming weeks, police said.

No photo of the perp has been released, but VINELink confirms his race – just in case his nickname wasn’t enough of a hint.

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  1. Your ex-wife decides to take you off life-support LOL. She probably provided the unflattering photo of him working in a framing store.

    Brooklyn is expensive, I don’t think this guy moved there to save $. But his name was ‘Faust’ which I believe is the devils name & the nogs name is ‘Jacob’ which is Jewish.

    Why can’t we all just get along?

  2. “There was so much brain damage, so many broken bones in his face — his jaws, eye sockets, nose — and his brain leaked and he had a concussion,” Renner explained. “We were very worried if he came through we’d have to put him in a nursing home. We didn’t want to see him left in a vegetative state. We didn’t want to see him like that.”

    Faust moved to the area from New Jersey, and was renting a room in a home on Clarkson Avenue, just across the street from where he was attacked.

    He and Renner co-owned a glass-working and repairing business, and even made glass trophies for the 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, she noted.

    He might have made an accidental eye contact with the nigger… It’s very dangerous, especially if the nigger is in rage mode.

  3. Never step foot outside without one in the chamber.

    Being a Brooklyn artist, dude was probably a shitlib, but man it’s an absolute tragedy anyone had to go out like this

  4. Paul says:

    An urban yoof
    A disadvantaged teenager
    A fucking ape
    Piece of shit nigger

    Thats my haiku

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