NOW: ISIS Claims Biggest Mass Shooting in US History [UPDATES]

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October 2, 2017


The brother is saying he was just a normal guy, which fits into the ISIS claim that he just converted a couple months ago and went TOTALLY BONKERS 4 ALLAH.

The Guardian:

The FBI has spoken with Eric Paddock, the brother of the gunman, at his home in central Florida. Paddock has also given a few interviews at greater length.

“He was my brother and it’s like an asteroid fell out of the sky,” Paddock told CNN said. He said he last spoke to his brother when Stephen wanted to check in on their mother, in the wake of hurricane Irma.

Paddock expressed shock and horror to CBS that his brother could commit such a crime.

“He’s not an avid gun guy at all. The fact that he had those kind of weapons is just – where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background or anything like that. He’s just a guy who lived in a house in Mesquite, drove down and gambled in Las Vegas. HE did stuff. Ate burritos.”

Paddock said that when he heard the news he became scared for Paddock’s girlfriend, Marylou Danley, worried that “he might’ve hurt her too.”

Police have said Danley was out of the country, unharmed and speaking with investigators.

It’s too bad they killed him.

But he must have left some kind of note or manifesto – nothing of the sort has even been mentioned by police or media.

But you don’t do something like this without leaving some kind of information on why you did it.

Unless this /pol/ theory is true…

Not impossible, but doesn’t explain why he would have automatic weapons in his hotel room.


Well, ISIS is claiming the attack, saying that the shooter recently converted to Islam.

The Independent:

Isis has claimed responsibility for the shooting attack that has left at least 50 dead in Las Vegas.

A statement published by the group’s Amaq propaganda agency claimed the attacker was a “soldier of the Islamic State”.

“The Las Vegas attacker is a soldier of the Islamic State in response to calls to target coalition countries,” it said.

In a second statement, Isis claimed the gunman “converted to Islam several months ago”.

The wording of the release is similar to other attacks that have been inspired, rather than directed, by Isis.

Of course, ISIS lies about this stuff. But this seems likely enough to be true to me.

The shooter is a boomer, married to a Filipino, who could well be (would reasonably be assumed to probably be) a Moslem.

So, he pussy-converts, then goes on a rampage because this is the first thing in his boomer live that ever had meaning.

You need to check the homes of your boomer parents and grandparents for any Korans or other jihadi materials. Immediately. We could well be on the verge of an epidemic here.


They arrested the female.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that she was Islamo-Flip and that he was converted by her.

Otherwise what – he’s just a random boomer with a gook wife.

What is he shooting places up for why?


More than 50 dead now. Which I believe makes this the single most deadly mass shooting in American history.

Also: this guy dgaf.

Best meme so far from the shooting.


Gunman is seriously identified by Western media as Stephen Paddock.

We don’t have a picture of him yet.

But that isn’t a Moslem Name.


Russian media confirming shooter is one “Samuel Hyde.


Cops now declaring lone wolfer.

They’re also looking for a small Asian woman.


At least 20 people were killed and 100 injured in a mass shooting at a country music festival at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.

The lone suspect was killed in an engagement with Las Vegas officers, police confirmed in a briefing held around 1:30 a.m.

They described the suspect as a “lone wolf” and do not believe there are other suspects involved. The suspect was described as a local of the Las Vegas area and officials do not believe he is connected with terrorism groups.

“We are pretty confident that there is no longer a threat,” said Sheriff Joseph Lombardo with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Police were actively searching for a woman described as an associate of the suspect.

The associate was identified as Marilou Danley. She is an Asian woman, about 4 feet, 11 inches tall, weighing about 111 pounds. Police are trying to locate her and described her as a companion traveling with the suspect.

Police are also looking for two vehicles registered to the suspect. There were described as a Hyundai Tucson with Nevada plate 114-B40 and a Chrysler Pacific Touring minivan with Nevada plate 19D401.


This girl says there was a woman in the front row telling people “you’re all going to die tonight” who was escorted our 45 minutes before the shooting started.

That is something new and weird.


INTENSE footage here.

But what a lot of people don’t understand is that we have to have these Islamic cultures in our societies because without them we won’t survive.

Furthermore, their own countries are poor.

You’re not going to make someone live in a poor country simply because he might open-fire on a country music concert, are you? Can you imagine how mean that would be?


This guy says he himself pronounced 20 people dead.

So we could be seeing a lot more bodies.

It’s just so shocking that Moslems we invited into our country to live on welfare would do this to us.


This dude is chill af after that happening.

That guy should be ambassador to the UN instead of that sickening Paki whore.


Wow, 20 dead.

Pretty high score there, haj.

Las Vegas Review-Journal:

A Las Vegas Metropolitan police source has confirmed that at least 20 people are dead in a shooting Sunday night outside Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip.

Metro also confirmed about that one suspect is dead on a high-level floor of Mandalay Bay. It’s not known if there are other suspects.

Police are asking people to avoid the area.

Police reported multiple casualties from the incident and possibly two shooters with automatic weapons.

The attack came during the last performances on the final night of the three-day Route 91 Harvest Festival, which has been held for the past four years on an 15-acre lot across Las Vegas Boulevard from Mandalay Bay.

You never know about the number of shooters. They always say it’s more than one, even when they later reduce it to one.

I suspect they will also up the body count. Probably won’t go past 35 though, or the estimate would have been higher now that the event is over.

Original article follows. 

This was at the Route 91 Country Music Festival in Las Vegas. Tower shooter situation – the shots were fired from an upper floor of a nearby hotel.

Let’s admit what is obvious: anyone firing into a crowd of country music fans is doing so because they are patriotic white Americans. It is the whitest, most Republican event you can possibly attack. Country music is one of the last remaining cultural symbols of American patriotism, however flawed it may be. This is a continuation of the assault on our flag and our values that we’ve seen by Negro felons in the past week. Instead of a cold conflict of ideas and political speech, it has now escalated to a hot war.

American patriots are going to continue to be murdered in the streets by these subhuman animals and their cuck allies until they organize, pick up their guns, and start shooting back. It would take all of one week for American patriots to remove all threats to their children and their Constitution if they only had the will to power. Have multiple generations of Jewish lies made the American patriot incapable of defending himself? Revolutions start in beer halls and tea houses. It doesn’t take much for men to self-actualize, they just have to think they can win.

The government hasn’t come for the guns yet because they think they would lose, so the American patriot can still win today. That will probably not be true twenty years from now.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t want to mourn for the noble texts and wondrous martyrs whose blood and tears founded the American nation and whose continuing legacy makes it possible for me to even contemplate their sacrifices in a blog post. All I know is that there is a choice ahead of the American patriot, and by proxy all Western men. What is the goal of civilization? Why did Alexander Bell usher in a new age of telecommunications? Why did William Shockley invent the junction transistor? Why did Dennis Ritchie make a useful compiler?

With this conflict being escalated by foreign, un-American invaders and parasites there can only be one of two answers:

  1. So that the inheritors of this legacy can make brief posts on social media about their own displacement, rape, and murder and perhaps leave a passing record of the things which are done to them as a warning to Eastern Europe not to make the same mistakes.
  2. That they may use these tools to organize, reclaim their territories, and create a continuing legacy of white American dominance all around the globe.

This is it. The race war is on. There is no doubt about what is happening. They are going to murder you in the streets because you are white, because you are American. The only question is, are you going to do anything about this or are you going to continue sacrificing your daughters and sons to niggers on TV and wars for kikes in places you can’t pronounce?

It’s your choice, American man. Take your country back or watch the whole world burn.

Stay tuned, we’ll update this thread as things happen.

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  1. RACE WAR NOW!!!




  2. C’mon guys, do some detective thinking here.



    2 shooters triangulating the crowd, this was just a “happening” to justify banning “assault rifles” AKA guns that can actually defend Americans from ZOG.

    IT WAS MOSSAD, get ahead of the Jewish bullshit being pumped into the news cycle.

    This was not some old crazy dude, this was MOSSAD a fresh push for the banning of useful guns from the American people.

    You should be hammering this angle, it’s painfully obvious.

    Old white guy shoots a bunch of country music fans, has Kike false flag written all over it.

    Let’s see how TRUMP the fat whore to God’s chosen plays this one off…

  3. Reports are saying the SWAT team found the guy dead in the hotel room from where he was shooting from.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Mossad/ISIS would take an American hostage, do the shooting from the guy’s hotel room, kill him, and the white guy takes the blame.

    The government would not want people to know ISIS/Mossad has active terror cells committing these acts.

  4. Hister says:

    And go where?

    Whites have run away for too long. It’s time to stand and fight.

    Time to have battle gear accessible at all times. Stay frosty, fam.

  5. There’s no fucking excuse for this bastard to have been allowed to shoot for 10 to 15 minutes.

    Somebody wanted a whole bunch of dead white people. Young and in their prime white people.

  6. Urgent news!!!
    Las Vegas Police released the surveillance video why it took them so long to solve the problem with the fucker

  7. Leo says:

    From Jim Stone:


    TOP POSTED BOMBSHELL: 20 minutes before the shooting, a Latino man and woman went through the casino, shouting at everyone that a group of Latinos was going to show up and kill everyone. They made it up to the stage area, and the woman shouted it clearly in a way that thousands of people heard the warning. Casino staff then detained the couple and it was “business as usual with two fruit cakes detained” and then a little while later the shooting started.
    UPDATE: There is good reason to believe the Vegas shooting was a Mossad job. Israel posted the full details on the patsy way too soon!

    See the full report below.

    I have now been through the videos carefully. There was more than one shooter, but you have to go through all the videos to figure it out. There are points in the video where it is clearly and obviously at least two gunmen. I do not think the shooting was done with weapons that were supposed to be fully automatic, the shooting on both guns was uneven which makes me believe were modified semi auto. It appears there were two shooters with one of the shooters not shooting as much as the other.
    I have the audio files that prove it - if you listen to the videos you’ll probably at first think it is one shooter. But there is audio that proves it is two guns, one with a deep pitch and one with a high pitch, and at times only one (deep pitch) and then the other one (high pitch) are going at a time. If both high pitch and low pitch do not come across at the same time or close to the same time, it is two different guns, and not an echo. But you have to listen to a lot of the audio to catch those moments.

    Here’s what happened:

    Multiple gunmen opened fire from upper floors of surrounding hotels at a crowd attending an outdoor concert at the Mandalay Bay casino in Vegas. My guess is this was staged by Israeli/American intelligence (because an Israeli paper totally screwed up) to cover for an attempted genocide underway in Puerto Rico, as communists in the government block supplies from reaching the people. If you don’t know about that, skip down the page a ways.
    For me, this is obvious:

    1. Communists get busted staging a genocide attempt on U.S. territory.

    2. Communists then divert the news cycle to a horrendous mass shooting in a national playground. THIS IS OBVIOIUS FOLKS, and the shooting is definitely not a hoax.


    20 minutes before the shooting, a Latino man and woman went through the casino, shouting at everyone that a group of Latinos was going to show up and kill everyone. They made it into the concert area, all the way to the front of the stage and the woman shouted it in front of everyone. It was a ruckus that everyone noticed. Casino staff then detained the couple and it was “business as usual with two fruit cakes detained” and a short while later the shooting started.
    Initially this story was one of a Latino/antifa grudge shooting at conservative Trump supporting Americans attending a conservative country music gathering. Then someone figured that was not politically expedient enough, and VOILA, single shooter and he’s Muslim. And dead. No mention anywhere about the Latino couple that made a promienent well noted “crazy” appearance is anywhere to be seen in the MSM news cycle. Absent this being told, the MSM is LYING. The final ‘Islamic terror’ story that suddenly popped up out of nowhere was too convenient I’d say.

    Several eyewitnesses told Fox News that there were at least 3 shooters. Fox news then immediately started saying it was a lone gunman. THAT’S PROOF THIS IS A CIA OP, WITH THE BASE STORY LINE OF A LONE NUTCASE. Even in the video, it is obvious there are at least two guns because there is one with a sharp report, and one with a dull report, and at one point the one with the dull report starts shooting first, which proves the dull sound is not just an echo. The Latino couple who showed up to warn probably work for intelligence and wanted to stop it from happening.

    We will have to see how this plays out, but for now:

    1. The Democrats/communists needed a huge event to distract people from their dirty deeds in Puerto Rico

    2. A Latino couple went through the casino and out to the concert crowd, yelling loudly telling everyone they could that everyone would soon be dead, and they had to leave or they would die. They made it to the stage area and gut busted as “fruitcakes” there. So someone knew, and they probably knew because they were intelligence that did not want to go along with it.

    3. Shortly thereafter, gunfire from the surrounding hotels rained down on the crowd, and if you listen through all the video, you can clearly hear it is at least two guns because the low sounding gun starts first once, it is not just a dulled echo. UPDATE: There are plenty of times in the videos where only the gun with the dull report is firing. Clearly the guns are AK and an AR or M-16

    4. Intelligence agency classic: Media suddenly controlled, not allowing random witnesses, Whitewash complete, lone gunman, patsy dead, no stories told. So classic, it happens that way EVERY TIME. Retard dead. Agents walk.

    Once again, I have the critical videos that prove it all cached offline. If they were honest about this, they’d be saying multiple gunmen. The loner story alone proves it is once again Democrats staging this crap through a controlled media. And just like they’ll kill off people in Puerto Rico by starving them out on purpose, they’ll shoot up a casino in Vegas. From a Bolshevik perspective, everyone is disposable and nothing matters but them getting more control.

    BUSTED: ISRAEL reported this WAY TOO EARLY to EVER know!

    QUESTION: How would Israel know this, when it happened in Vegas at 10:08 vegas time, and they posted this a little after 3AM vegas time (originally) only to have it get repeated by another paper at 4:20 AM vegas time and get deleted in the original paper? How would the police investigators connect the dots in the dead of night before 3 AM (only to have that news make it back to Israel,) go through the publishing delays, and get originally posted at 3 AM?

    Good question. Obvious answer: THIS SHOOTING WAS SCRIPTED FROM ISRAEL. It was probably a Mossad job, and they had their patsy already chosen. If that is not the case, they quickly made something up for the sake of political expedience, They CANNOT have this be an immigrant issue. Current patsy is a loner convert to Islam who’s white. CUUUUUUUTE!!!

  8. In this specific time that we Whites live in, why would you willingly make yourself a victim? From Europe to America, we are being engaged by every other entity whether it be political, racial or spiritual. We are the most sought after targets. Why on Earth would you gather in large crowds in large cities? Concerts, games, festivals, whatever. The situation will only decline. Be smarter than these people were.

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