Not the Bowling Alley, You Sonovabitch

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2019

Anyone who has ever wanted to keep partying after the 2 AM bar closing time brutally enforced by the nation that invades other countries to bring them freedoms is aware that black people have two relatively creative ways to keep the party going:

  1. BYOB strip clubs, often featuring mulattos with the good hair
  2. Bowling alleys

I’ve been to both of these types of late night black party. It’s not something I would recommend, but it is one way to live.

And though we all know about the violence at strip clubs, I can tell you that black bowling allies are also quite violent.

Because everything involving the blacks involves violence.

It is their culture.

Fox News:

A shooting at a Southern California bowling alley left three men dead and four injured late Friday, police said.

Police in Torrance, just south of Los Angeles, sent out a tweet early Saturday about “reports of shots fired” at the Gable House Bowl. The shooting reportedly sprung from an argument at the establishment.

“There was a fight and then we heard nine gunshots,” one man told the Los Angeles Times.

Jesus Perez of San Pedro told the paper that he heard about four gunshots.

“We just ran right into the bar and took cover. All we heard was just, like two people got shot.”

The three men who were killed all died at the scene. Two of the injured were transported to a local hospital with unspecified injuries, while two other wounded people sought medical attention on their own, authorities said.

So yeah, you’re gonna have that.

It happens a lot.

It happened a couple months ago in Detroit.

And in Atlanta.

If anyone is shocked by the revelation that I’ve spent quite a few late nights at black strip clubs and bowling alleys, they should not be.

How do you think I know so much about these people?

I don’t even hate black people. I think they’re goofy, stupid, violent animals, and certainly do not belong inside of a civilization, but hate is not my immediate emotion when I think of them.

As much as the SPLC, CNN and other Jewish ethnic activist groups want to talk about how “neo-Nazi white supremacists” are driven by hate, the actual truth of the matter is that accusing white people of “racism” and “Nazism” is just a representation of anti-white hatred on the part of the vile Jews.

To be fair, I do actually hate the Jews.

But the reason I hate the Jews is that they are actively plotting to destroy me. Black people are not plotting to do anything. This bowling alley shooting was not the result of a plot. It was the result of some “nigga is you lookin at meh?” type situation.

You just cannot even begin to imagine how goofy these people are.

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  1. UnCL3 says:

    As a life-long nigger hater, and having been a reader of DS for >< 4 years, yes, I can imagine this.

  2. I feel the same way about niggers as I do mosquitoes. It’s not so much hate as extreme annoyance and I don’t even really think about them when they are not around. They are also the two biggest things that make me question the existence of God.

  3. I didn’t even know that niggers bowled. Another White sport ruined by the jews.

  4. he went incognegro.

  5. You can just imagine the VIP section of Dat Azz (basically a roped-off table at the back of an adapted Nissen hut) as Anglin holds court with local Yoruba dignitaries looking for a good time. Ogogoro-fuelled soldiers rock with laughter, their broad smiles giving flashes of bright white teeth occasionally obscured by grinding negresses blocking the disco lights… then the bass voice of a Nigerian general booms out over the reggaeton (or whatever forsaken noise the dancers twerk to) and slaps the club’s co-owner hard on the back as he checks his latest Google notifications “You are a very funny man, Mista André”.

    I want this to be true.

  6. I came here to bowl and go to jail for shooting someone over a pack of Newports and I’m all out of bowling balls…

  7. nwNO says:

    It should be common knowledge to anyone with a functioning brain that:

    niggers in groups=likelihood for violence.

    Concerts, birthday parties, picnics, school plays, restaurants, etc. It makes no difference to the negro. When niggers are in packs they are always one simple misstep away from chilling out to instant chimp out. Commonly triggered for the stupidest of reasons. Just looking ay a nigger sideways can prompt such at attack.

    You know how deer react to sound of potential danger? The snapping sound of a little twig immediately sends their legs into action and they’re off! Its the same with niggers except the reaction is violence.

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