Norway Goes After Various Gaming Companies for Violating European Laws Regarding Refunds

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2018

Video game companies screw over consumers constantly with things like lootboxes, season passes, preorders, and things of that nature.

Several governments and individual politicians have been going after the gambling system of in game lootboxes, and now Norway as well as other EU countries are going after them for some of the other points.

Specifically, they’re catching them on their refund policies. In the EU, the consumer has a right to a refund within a certain amount of time on a product. Most game companies do not allow this to happen with digital purchases, or if they do they include a lot of stipulations on if you can refund it.

This is especially problematic with preorders (Which you should never get unless it’s from a highly credible company with a good track record – even then it’s iffy if you should), because if something happens before you actually get access to the product – say they release a really terrible demo or have some controversy – you’re screwed.

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