Nordic Frontier #62: Antti Niemi – Leader of the Finnish Resistance

April 18, 2018

We start out the show by having a conversation with Antti Niemi the chief of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Finland.

Interview with Antti Niemi:

Topics discussed:

  • His journey towards National Socialism
  • The situation in Finland
  • The state of the banning trail
  • His thoughts on the Swedish election

Domestic news:

Blue circumcized penis painted on wall in central Stockholm – actually upset people

Afghans on the run

Finnish gov agency confirms, girls more tolerant than boys

Greedy state loses out on tax collection

Black pill:

The rapist that couldn’t be stopped

Resistance news:

Check out the Nordic Resistance Movement VK-page

Jewish daily news cries out in pain as they write about our expansion in Ludvika

The Nordic Resistance Movement bombs the US

Honoring of Gösta Hallberg-Cuula

Demo news

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