Nordic Frontier #62: Antti Niemi – Leader of the Finnish Resistance

April 18, 2018

We start out the show by having a conversation with Antti Niemi the chief of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Finland.

Interview with Antti Niemi:

Topics discussed:

  • His journey towards National Socialism
  • The situation in Finland
  • The state of the banning trail
  • His thoughts on the Swedish election

Domestic news:

Blue circumcized penis painted on wall in central Stockholm – actually upset people

Afghans on the run

Finnish gov agency confirms, girls more tolerant than boys

Greedy state loses out on tax collection

Black pill:

The rapist that couldn’t be stopped

Resistance news:

Check out the Nordic Resistance Movement VK-page

Jewish daily news cries out in pain as they write about our expansion in Ludvika

The Nordic Resistance Movement bombs the US

Honoring of Gösta Hallberg-Cuula

Demo news

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Top Comments

  1. I can’t believe a NHL goalie is the leader of the Finnish Resistance. Amazing.

  2. Tyr is our patreon saint, the Nordic god of war and self-sacrifice, and that is his anthem. So we find it highly appropriate that this tune came to be and found it’s way on our podcast

    Listen to our episodes from last year if you want a more soothing and smooth approach.

  3. My favorite pro-White podcast.

  4. Yeah man, same here. I have the utmost respect and admiration for what the NRM has accomplished so far. Just wish we had anything approaching their level of organization and effectiveness here in the states.

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