Nordic Frontier #58: National Socialism Drawing the Line

March 21, 2018

In the first hour Michael Hovila, activist from the Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, joins us to talk about recent censorship on Reddit and about some Finnish activism.

Comment regarding TWP debaucle

A question regarding why we are #NationalSocialist

Domestic News:

Jews Ecstatic about Kebab call out

Beard babies fast-tracked to pre-school employment

Gangrape News

AFS gets the first scalp from the Sweden Democrats

Moderate parliamentarian and #BasedArab Hanif Bali steps down

Fluff Piece

Second Segment:

Stefan Molyneux putting a Swedish feminist in her place

Resistance News:

Our view on the disabled

Bonnier making shekels by selling Hitlerian Anti-Jew Speeches that they want to prevent others from sharing

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