Nog on Trial for Beating and Torturing His White Boomer Father with a Wrench for Four Hours

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2019

Jason Heyworth.

BTFO’d by the half-human, half-chimp hybrid he brought into the world.

How ironic.

Daily Mail:

A man accused of trying to murder his father allegedly used a wrench to beat and torture him for four hours following an argument about his dead mother’s $2 million fortune.

Jason Heyworth, 37, is on trial in New York for the 2017 attempted murder of his 71-year-old father Eric Heyworth.

During the trial in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday, jurors were shown gruesome photos of the injuries the elder Heyworth sustained in the attack in June 2017.

The photos show Eric’s face covered in blood and his eyes swollen shut.

Prosecutors say Heyworth beat his father so badly in his East Harlem apartment that he was in a coma for two months.

Eric Heyworth, before and after his nig nogged him.

Eric, a retired public school teacher and Harvard graduate, suffered brain damage from the attack and is now in an assisted-living home.

Heyworth, who is an amateur filmmaker, is accused of attacking his father after going to his childhood home to speak to him about a dispute over his late mother’s fortune.

Prosecutors say that Heyworth and his brother each inherited $1 million following their mother Virginia Paris-Heyworth’s death in 2012.

He is alleged to have swindled away his inheritance on hotels and expensive restaurants.

No one could have predicted it.

The deceased wife. The boomer actually mated with this sherilla.

Heyworth had allegedly demanded that his father give him more money and let him move back into the family apartment on East 106th Street.

Prosecutors say that Heyworth – who is a Columbia University graduate – went to the apartment on the day of the attack to find his father had changed the locks.

He allegedly found a way into the home and attacked his father with a wrench.

Eric, a retired public school teacher and Harvard graduate, suffered brain damage from the attack and is now in an assisted-living home

When police responded to the home, Heyworth opened the door for detectives and they reported seeing a bloodied and half-naked Eric trying to drag himself from the bedroom.

Eric allegedly told police that his son had injured him before later slipping into a coma when he was rushed to a hospital.

Meanwhile, Heyworth’s defense attorney Todd Spodek told jurors that Eric was angry his wife, who had been married to for 30 years, had left him $60,000 compared to the $1 million each she had given their sons

Now that’s an interesting detail.

The black wife left her fortune to her two black sons, not her white husband!

Really makes you think!

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  1. So this fucking nigger gets a million bucks in inheritance, blows it, then goes and beats his white father almost to death.

    And we have to live among these creatures?

    This article and the one yesterday about the Hi-Fi murders and torturing really highlight how base, vile and subhuman these apes really are.

    It’s sickening that just reading Race War articles and the other one I mentioned isn’t enough to make any white person think the same.

  2. I am in awe of blacks’ ability to squander money. Every other race is a bunch of amateurs in comparison.

  3. That is why these stories are underplayed, when not buried, by the press. Good whites have been trained not to notice and connect dots. Only bigots notice the race unless it is white

  4. “The black wife left her fortune to her two black sons, not her white husband”

    Not to sound like a nigger, but that racist as fugg

  5. One detail not mentioned…how did the mother make her money?

  6. She was working at a college in NYC.

    It paid extremely well. And the son and father querreled over her leftover money so it’s possibly just another side effect of affirmative action.

  7. This time the man pays the toll. Almost like a sort of affirmative action for miscegenationists.

  8. G-Man says:

    Harvard degree vs. monkey-wrench? No contest! Hybrid vigor in action!

  9. Its actually proven by the alleles the nigger carries, he is more related to any random nigger chosen out of the entire populace of the US than his own father. There was a study on it I could look it up but the gist is the species nigger is so far removed from our own that a white kid with with different white parents is more related to the white father or mother of half breed nigger than that nigger is to its own father. That is why they do this shit. they are animals bestiality should be punished with death in my opinion.

  10. Nothing good can come from procreating with subspecies. This is one of those obvious and immutable truths that require an elite university education to unknow (or at least pretend to unknow).

    This man received his just reward.

    Want some real wisdom?

    Listen closely…Always do the opposite of what Jews say.

    You’re welcome.

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