Nog Murdered Lighter-Skinned and Probably Jewish Female He was Banging

Daily Stormer
April 25, 2018

Bertony Thompson.

I guess nothing of value was lost.

That’s the case with most of these cases, really.

People who fuck niggers, or relax around them,

Stamford Advocate:

An unexpected guilty plea has brought some closure for a woman whose mother was strangled to death by her longtime boyfriend in their Wolfpit Avenue apartment four years ago.

For a second there I thought “Wolfpit Avenue” was the nog’s name.

And I was devastated because that’s at the top of my list to name my firstborn son.

Days before his murder trial was set to begin, Bertony Thompson, 48, pleaded guilty Tuesday to killing Jacalyn Silverman, 62. Thompson will be sentenced in July to 25 years in jail.

“Our families can finally put this past us,” Silverman’s daughter, Jennifer, said.

“My mother was a great person and had many other people who looked up to her. She was taken away from us abruptly. She is truly missed and she will always be with us with everything we do. She was an awesome person.”

As the fourth day of jury selection was set to begin, the guilty murder plea was made according to the Alford Doctrine, which states the defendant does not agree with the state’s case, but Thompson realizes he likely would have been found guilty if he went to trial.

Here’s the dead creature.

Jacalyn Silverman.

Idek what dat is.

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