Flashback 2015: Nobel Prize-Winning Negress Calls on Whites to Rape Black Women to End Racism

The Right Honourable Sir Reginald Poindexter
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2016


Leslie Jones from SNL has made a comedy career out of coming on to white men. It’s funny because it’s pathetic!

Well, I guess we can forget about overcoming racism. I was reading an article in the Jewish press last week that accused whites of institutional racism against blacks and quoted one of the Jewish-appointed negro paragons of moral virtue that we as white people have so much to learn from. Back in April of 2015, Negress author Toni Morrison said that racism can’t end until whites start raping black women. What a fantasy! No wonder she won a Nobel prize for her fictional literature.

Here is her direct quote:

“People keep saying, ‘We need to have a conversation about race.’ This is the conversation. I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back. And I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman. Then when you ask me, ‘Is it over?’, I will say yes.”

Okay, Sistah Toni obviously missed the study published recently by Harvard black economics professor Roland Fryer that actually, to his great surprise, black suspects are LESS LIKELY to be shot at by police than white suspects. So that should sastisfy the sistah’s bloodlust.

But what about her rape lust? That’s gonna be hard, because white men find black women repulsive. Even though there are sick white men interested in raping little boys, studies find that a black man is hundreds of times more likely to rape a white woman than a white man is to rape a black woman.

The Guardian:

Toni Morrison: ‘I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman’

Okay, that’s just gross!

The Nobel prize-winning author tells Daily Telegraph that America’s race issues will never end until disparities in criminal justice system are resolved

Toni Morrison: ‘Race is the classification of a species. And we are the human race, period.’

She obviously didn’t win any prizes in biology. The rest of humanity separated from the African Bantus like 100,000 years ago and embarked on a completely separate evolutionary path that led to cathedrals and space ships and microchips, while Africans concentrated their talents on face piercing technology.


Nice corn rows.

The Nobel prize-winning author Toni Morrison has delivered a frank assessment of race relations in America, declaring that until racial disparities in the criminal justice system are resolved, the conversation about racism will never be over.

“People keep saying, ‘We need to have a conversation about race’,” Morrison told the Daily Telegraph.

“This is the conversation. I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back.”

She added: “And I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman. Then when you ask me, ‘Is it over?’, I will say yes.”

Look, I don’t really want to have a conversation, I would rather just ignore you and hope you go away, but that isn’t happening, so let’s have a conversation about all the rape and murder and home invasions that blacks are committing against whites. Let’s have a conversation about black women making babies with multiple hoodlums and then expecting the white tax payer to deprive his own family in order to pay the bill. Let’s talk about the fact that blacks throughout history around the world have proven themselves completely incapable of producing a society that even they would want to live in.

Since the fatal police shooting of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August last year, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets around America, demanding criminal justice reform under the banner of the Black Lives Matter movement.

So as long as a black man isn’t carrying a gun, he should be able to rob stores, assault store owners, punch police in the face and try to grab their guns? Because that’s what Michael Brown did. That’s why he’s dead. Of course, for every Michael Brown, there are a hundred black hoodlums who DO carry a gun and DO shoot the clerk.

Morrison argued that slavery had “moved this country close to the economy of an industrialised Europe, far in advance of what it would have been”, and added, in reference to controversial New York police tactics employed regarding racial minorities: “They don’t stop and frisk on Wall Street, which is where they should really go.”

Okay, so what she is saying is that without Negroes, white Europeans in America could never have achieved what white Europeans in Europe achieved. Does she even understand what she is saying?!

This crazy bitch is parroting the Jew lie that because a few generations of her ancestors were doing agricultural work (like the vast bulk of humanity was engaged in at the time) under white direction in America instead of back in Africa, where life expectancy and reproductive rates were much lower, that they are uniquely entitled to unlimited free stuff forever from whitey and are justified in attacking us and raping our women any time.

White people are getting sick of Jew-promoted pompous Negroids telling us how awful we are. When we take back our society, they will wish they never they started this conversation, because it’s not going to go that well for them once the Jews can’t brainwash whites any more.