No Time for Cowardice: A Look at the State Britain’s In

Jez Turner
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2016


‘’Apathy and cowardice are the terminal characteristics of a dying society’’ – Aristotle

Once we’ve won and we’ve brought back the golden age, certain people will have some difficult questions to answer.

Daddy – what did you do in the great liberation struggle to save the white race?


Why? Is it because you were a coward?

No, it was because I didn’t want to be called a racist.


Because I was afraid of losing my job.


Because I didn’t want to be poor and ostracised.


Because I wanted to be liked.


Because, well, yes, because I was a coward.

We can quibble about the translation of Aristotle’s words and meaning, but today laziness and timidity are there for all to see, and nowhere more so than among those who should be leading our people out of the deadly quagmire in which it finds itself, because this, of all times, is not a time for cowardice.

We’re Not Dying a Natural Death, We’re Being Killed

Britain's Secretary of State for Communities Eric Pickles and Home Secretary Theresa May hold up signs reading "I am Jewish" during a Board of Deputies of British Jews event in London, January 18, 2015. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth  (BRITAIN - Tags: POLITICS)

The evil and alien power-masters keep themselves safely secure as our society declines. They preach and brutally enforce ‘tolerance’ for everything that harms our society, and simultaneously ‘zero tolerance’ for everything that is healthy, good and vital for us. Alone – this stark fact is enough to show us that our secret rulers are in no way part of ‘us’ and that they actually have our complete destruction as their aim. Anyone not blind, bamboozled or brainwashed can see this, and those who can see, should be waking up those that can’t, and doing everything in their power to organise the resistance.

Tolerance Versus Zero Tolerance

Although apathy and cowardice would be expected to create an all-encompassing tolerance, (anything but ‘a virtue’), in our case it is a highly selective tolerance, for our civilization is not dying of natural old age à la Spengler, but is actually being deliberately killed. Far from being resigned to the twilight and ready for the dark, large sections of our people are actually very angry about what is happening and are bravely and energetically struggling against the fate imposed upon them – witness the Brexit vote in which the white working class saved the day. Many of our people are willing to put up a fight – they just lack enough leaders to effectively organise them and show them how to do so.

Yet our race’s natural leaders, (those who have the intelligence, the wisdom, the education, the experience, the character, the skills, the discipline and, yes, the money), who should be organising some sort of fight-back, are for the most part cowed into doing nothing through either a false sense of self-interest, or through a bourgeoisie sense of respectability. Surely a case of myopia if ever there was one, for as one wag put it ‘good luck in trying to be a respectable middle class white person in Haiti’, which of course is what the white world is fast becoming. To avoid such a fate anyone who has a talent, a skill, an ability or wealth, is duty-bound to use that talent, skill, ability or wealth to aid The Cause. Exactly how he helps is up to him, but help he must.

We must in AK Chesterton’s words ‘‘elect not to be cattle passively awaiting the slaughterman, but warriors infused with a warrior’s purpose and invested with a warrior’s dignity.’’

Not Leaders But Critics

At very best, our so-called leaders refuse to see life on life’s terms, they endlessly criticise from the side lines and complain that the people who should be listening to their advice are not listening, and that the followers who should be following them are not doing so. Many such leaders stamp their feet like petulant toddlers and shrink away to sulk in dark corners, or, in an attempt to blank out the horror and the pangs of conscience, throw themselves into a life of selfish indulgence in the style of ‘apres moi la deluge’. In reality leadership is not easy, it is not lolling in luxury on a throne, but a life of service and self-sacrifice, it is, most importantly, a team effort. A leader without any followers isn’t much of a leader no matter how highly he rates himself or how many books he’s read or how long he’s been in the movement. Leaders without followers, and followers without leaders – truly the division of the generations and the classes was the cleverest thing our enemy ever did.

Selfish Middle Classes

The alien tyranny which is so busy destroying us and which controls what is, and what is not fashionable, has now made it the height of fasion to sit back and smile as our own people are being robbed, abused, corrupted, raped, tortured, enslaved and killed. Many of our pleasure seeking white middle class, infected as they are with liberal sensitivities, have bought into the idea that they can go it alone, that the white middle class can carry on living comfortably amid a sea of brown; that replacing the nasty, bigoted, xenophobic white working class with an ever so more pliant and deferential caste of mud coloured coolies will be a good thing, little realising that all elements of a race have a vital part to play, and that once one section of a race falls away the whole will assuredly fall. Instead of railing against ‘chavs’ and ‘council estate scum’ the middle class should realise that it is their very own abdication of responsibility that has led to the abandonment and degradation of the white working class in the first place. Noblesse oblige – the sense of having a duty to look after all members of your own race – has never been less in vogue than it is now, and designedly so.

The Root of the Problem

The problem that hampers the resistance is not one of strategy nor one of tactics, it is deeper than that, it is a lack of leaders at all levels, both NCO and officer level, and this in turn is due to a deliberate undermining of traditional and aristocratic values, in other words leadership values, and their replacement with an egotistical individualism. Our world has been corrupted, and as the theologians tell us ‘the corruption of the best is the worst.’ Now materialism is our master, finance is our philosophy and gold is our God. With such guides, selfishness, shallow thinking and short-sightedness reign supreme and disaster beckons. Unless. Unless we re-discover that teamwork for which the white race is famed. Unless we re-find that capacity for looking at the world as it really is and planning accordingly. With that in mind let us take a look at Britain today as it really is.

Prime Minister Theresa May – The Jews She’s in Their Pay


Our new Prime Minister Theresa May is shaping up to be a carbon copy of the late Margaret Thatcher – complete with Jewish string pullers, fake patriotism and false sympathy for those Britons concerned about immigration – and as Thatcher stole the National Front vote, May is aiming to steal the Brexit/UKIP vote.

Punished for Patriotism

Let’s take a glimpse at some victims of political correctnesss, those ‘indefensibles’ who certainly aren’t cowards, but who have been reprimanded, with many sent to jail for little more than robustly voicing politically-incorrect views or for simply defending themselves against masked hordes of club wielding communists. Sent to jail often because they couldn’t afford a half decent lawyer. Sent to jail with little or no outrage voiced by our mass media, or even by our fledgling independent media

Punished for Telling a Boy to Man Up and Stop Dressing Like a Fairy

First off is a man who has suffered for merely having some of that oh-so-rare-quality these days – common sense. As reported in today’s, Tuesday 5th October, newspapers a Sainsbury’s supermarket delivery driver is being disciplined by his employer for saying the following to a 4 year old boy who answered the door dressed up bizarrely as pink sparkly fairy: ‘’Someone needs to take you to one side and have a word with you. You can’t be a fairy, you should be a superhero.” Wendy Armitage, the mother who overheard the comments and put in the formal complaint, boasted to journalists that she often encouraged her son to dress up as a nurse and a fairy. In a sane world, as we all know, it would not be the delivery driver who would need punishing.

The Pink Beret Borrower


One sign that things may be changing for the better is the outpouring of sympathy in the press and on TV for Dave Hammer – the plucky anti-EU activist who ‘borrowed’ Eddie Izzard’s beret at a recent ‘Ignore the Brexit result’ march on the 3rd September. In the full glare of TV cameras Hammer was chased by a squad of policemen, who were closely pursued in turn by Izzard in his high heels. Once brought to earth, Hammer was promptly sat on by 6 policemen. Later he was fined £300 and given a criminal record at Westminster Magistrate’s Court for this dastardly act, but received surprisingly favourable coverage from prime time BBC News, who acknowledged the widespread disbelief that this case even made it to court. The BBC ended the news item by saying that ‘the right wing group London Forum was going to pay the fine’, which after a whip round we duly did.

A parallel case on the same day involved the famous former footballer Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne, who was fined £1,000 for cracking a ‘racist’ joke as part of his stand up show; ‘’Its dark in here – can the security guard at the back of the room smile so I can see him’’. The black security guard said he didn’t feel offended at all, but the judge said such insidious racism must be stamped out.

Contrast these two cases with that of the Soros funded ‘Black Lives Matter’ group that breached the security at London City Airport and blocked the runway for half a day on the 6th September causing untold chaos. All nine of them – one a half caste black woman and the rest white, but more probably (((white))) were let off scot free (no criminal record) except for £95 court costs. They said this lenient privilege was due to ‘white privilege’. More likely Jewish privilege, or at least privilege for those pushing the Jewish agenda.

Berger the Dominatrix

While fleeing persecution by the internet, Luciana spent time at a luxurious Jew-exclusive resort in Poland.

Politician Luciana Berger continues to brag that she will bring about the banning of all criticism of ‘establishment politicians’; don’t laugh, the European Union tried something similar recently. (Berger by the way isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, so apart from being Jewish and female, this is probably the only way she can make friends and influence people.) So far she’s had 3 young white men sent to prison for criticising her – Garron Helm, Joshua Bonehill and John Nimmo. Being unable to take criticism is a familiar Jewish characteristic. No doubt she and (((her kind))) would like to send every white voter in the country to the gulag, but no doubt their advisors have suggested that such a move would reflect none too well on ‘democracy’. Her latest attempt is to get Joshua Bonehill’s sentence lengthened for having the temerity online, long before his current sentence began, to call her ‘a dominatrix.’ Apparently, she insists this is an anti-semitic insult. Perhaps it is. You learn something new every day.

Non-establishment and so-called ‘far-right’ politicians, on the contrary, have never and never will receive such molly-coddling protection. UKIP leader of 18 days Diane James has resigned following an incident where she was shouted at and spit at by left-wingers at London’s Waterloo Station – welcome to the real world Diane James! Don’t hold your breath for those responsible to be imprisoned any time soon. The fair weather patriots of UKIP no doubt think that we live in a nice respectable, law-abiding, free country, (except, that is, for a little irritating interference from the EU), rather than under a vicious tyranny that pays and encourages far-left thugs to attack anyone who threatens the anti-white system. I’ll say this, if politicians can’t cope with, or understand reality, if they can’t take the heat, then they should stay out of the kitchen, or rather, in the case of females, get back in it.

A One-to-One Civilized Conversation Can Now be ‘Hate’ and Land You in Prison

One patriot well known in the Nationalist scene for his chatty cockney charm and ‘telling it like it is’ is 50 year-old John Hennigan – a pleasant enough guy, ever helpful, and who always turns up to pay his respects to the fallen on Remembrance Day. He also delights in winding up liberals for he views political correctness as a load of old nonsense and doesn’t care who knows he thinks so. He regards being punished for breaking the sacred liberal shibbboleths as nothing other than a badge of honour. He was recently imprisoned after giving directions to an African woman and her mulatto children in the town centre of Harlow, Essex. All would have been well, but as she was thanking him he said to her matter-of-factly ‘’ I don’t agree with inter-racial relationships. I like natural. I prefer white children.’’ Fair enough. We live in a tolerant age and surely all views should be tolerated? After all, such a viewpoint was the norm everywhere for the whole of recorded history up until the 1970’s. The African woman however promptly reported the comments to the police and the police, (who usually ignore burglaries and crimes of violence), promptly pounced on a perplexed and bemused Mr Hennigan and dragged him off forthwith to the cells. Later in court as Judge Patricia Lynch QC, (who doesn’t look too white under a hard light, if you know what I mean), sentenced him to 18 months imprisonment (eighteen months!!!) for the ‘thoroughly unpleasant offence’ of speaking his mind. A stunned John Hennigan shouted out in reply ‘’I don’t care what you say, I didn’t mean to be unpleasant.’’ The female judge went into hysterics and shouted back at Hennigan that she didn’t care what he thought. He in turn shouted back, a shocked court gawped as a slanging match quickly developed and ended up with judge and Hennigan calling each other ‘cunts’. This is a first in legal history. National headlines ensued. No surprise then to reveal that the female judge will not be imprisoned for her offensive language. Contrast this with the headlines this judge received last year when she refused to jail a pervert paedophile pensioner who had sexually abused two teenage school girls. Why ever we allow females to be judges is beyond me, or it would be if I didn’t realise who was ultimately behind all this ‘madness.’ Sometimes knowing what we do, distressing and horrible as it is, is the only thing that keeps us sane.

“No More Refugees”

jude law historical quote calais

There have been a series of ‘No More Refugees’ marches in the major port and channel tunnel town of Dover on England’s south coast. On 30th January 2016 one such march was attacked by a huge mob of balaclava-clad communists, as ever wielding the ubiquitous wooden clubs studded with a nail holding a red pennants in place. Usually the mad Marxists end up throwing stones at the marchers and scuffling with the police, but as there were too few police on the ground that day, insufficient to buffer the two groups, the reds had the alarming prospect of coming face to face not with police, but with tough patriots who annoyingly refused to run away. The Antifa types get confused in such instances as their modus operandi is to gang up and waylay lone right-wingers. What’s more, on this particular day, the good guys defended themselves rather vigorously. But alas, they defended themselves all too vigorously, for the sight of so many communists charging towards them, without any police to spoil the fun, was like a red, (Marxist), rag to a bull, and led to many of them having ‘an Asterix and Obelisk moment’, (‘’Romans! And new ones too!’’), and far too many spoilt rich young University Trotskyists, (many of them Jews), received an unexpected drubbing.

Parents complained to rabbis and rabbis complained to politicians and the politicians complained to the Crown Prosecution Service and pressure was put on the police to analyse film footage of the event, and ever since then, patriots, who by all the evidence behaved with the utmost chivalry during the mayhem, have been arrested, tried and sentenced. And are still being so. One ‘anti-fascist’ organisation, funded by a hedge fund based in a Caribbean tax haven, gloated that most of Britain’s active fascists are now in prison. One chap has been given seven years, (armed robbers get less than that!!). One young woman even got 3 weeks for taking a photograph within the court precincts during the trial of a friend and the friend got an extra 4 weeks added to his sentence for allowing it! It is perhaps superfluous to point out that very few communists have been arrested and even those very few got very light sentences, and this even though they had gone to the town with the expressed intention to attack the legal, lawful march.

One solicitor asked to give his opinion as to why this was so, replied that the authorities were not under any great pressure to arrest and charge the communists, and anyway they did not know who the communists were, because the communists were wearing balaclavas. When pressed as to why the communists were allowed to wear balaclavas, as the wearing balaclavas was illegal at political demonstrations, replied that yes indeed, wearing balaclavas at political demonstrations was illegal, but only if fascists wore them.

As a point of interest a subsequent better stewarded and more heavily policed Dover ‘No more refugees’ march, where the police cleared the route of communists beforehand, passed off without incident.

Joshua Bonehill: Political Prisoner

Joshua Bonehill: Unrepentant thought criminal

If one wants an idea of what prison life is like for a politically – incorrect inmate one can’t do better than read the letters of Joshua Bonehill. (ADDRESS BELOW) This young man you may remember was imprisoned at the end of last year for 3 and a half years (42 months) for a series of online memes/graphics and cartoons. On 5th December he is due to face trial at THE most prestigious court in the land, the court reserved for terrorists, serial killers, mass murderers and traitors – The Old Bailey. He’s typically sanguine about it and looking forward to his trial there, “After all”, he says, “not many people get to stand trial at The Old Bailey, and what’s more I get to go there with a clear conscience.” The charges against him are ludicrous, but as they are sub iudice we can’t discuss the precise details here, except to say an online posting, in which he called Berger ‘a dominatrix’, figures prominently.

The mountains of mail he receives has somewhat embarrassed the Prison Service and, as it has been ordered to check and censor every item of his mail, it has also been inconvenienced too. He’s been warned not to write anything politically incorrect, and he’s been told to tell those who write to him to abide by the same rules, all presumably in case certain civil servants assigned to read his letters get offended. The prison authorities, however, rather unhelpfully do not provide a definition of what political correctness actually is. Well, no one really does know do they? Perhaps in an effort to evade responsibility for him and his mail, Prison Governors have been shifting the buck, and he has been doing a grand tour of English prisons. At the current rate he’ll soon be well qualified to write the definitive guide book. He says he prefers the older prisons – more history and heritage and better architecture – to the modern new builds with their soulless, sterile, claustrophobic atmosphere. He has fond memories of lying on his bed reading and gazing at the fine vaulted ceiling in William Joyce’s cell in HMP Wandsworth. He has even spent time at Belmarsh, Britain’s top security prison where the Lee Rigby killers were until recently housed. That jail exists under virtual shariah law due to the large number of Islamic Radicals there. Crucifixes, crosses, and any flags containing crosses such as the St George’s and Union Jack flags are banned with the explanation that they ‘may inflame tensions’ – Joshua even had a small U.S. flag confiscated when it was sent to him – but Islamic flags and symbols abound. At night ‘’you can shut your eyes and with all the Islamic chanting, praying and singing one can think yourself in the Middle East.” Rochester prison, on the other hand, where he is currently based, is run by Gypsy criminal gangs and is the location where the Ray Winstone film ‘Scum’ was shot.

Joshua does a lot of ideological thinking, writing and reading and looks forward to a new springtime for our people. His morale remains high, though his letters, at times, read like Codreanu’s ‘Prison Notebooks’, with their understandable focus on conditions, food and fellow inmates. The conditions are not what one would call salubrious. Overcrowding is a problem and the wardens are understaffed and overstretched. At Wayland Prison in Norfolk, where he recently spent some time, the governor was attacked in the canteen, beaten senseless and has had to have facial reconstructive surgery. Joshua compares prison life to the hierarchy experienced on ship as described by Richard Henry Dana in ‘Two Years before the Mast’, a book sent to him by an anonymous well-wisher. He thanks all those who write to him, he’d also like to express his especial thanks to The D.S. reader who sent him a photocopy of ‘The Oldest Question’. Such correspondence is his lifeblood keeping him mentally sharp and his resultant cheerfulness has earned him the respect of the professional lags. He writes that he enjoys his prison job of training inmates oh how to produce camouflage nets for the British Army.

Whatever the outcome of his Old Bailey trial in December, he will still have time left of his current sentence to serve and so will be spending this Christmas behind bars. He sums up by saying that prison makes one realise that possessions are nothing and that “a man’s true wealth is his ideals and his beliefs.” Writing to a political prisoner makes one realise this too. It ensures you get your priorities right. It is time our race got its priorities right.

No Time for Cowardice


For this struggle in which we are involved is akin to The Battle of Blood River, it is like Rorke’s Drift. Our enemy is thirsting for our blood and they have no word in their language for mercy. If we lose, we lose all, and all of us lose all – no matter how wealthy or secure we individually feel ourselves now to be. This is no time for factionalism or endless arguments. It is time for teamwork. No time for holding back. It is time to give it all we’ve got in whatever way we can. Its ‘do or die’. This is no time for cowardice. Its time to shoot Zulus.

You can write to Joshua at:

Joshua Bonehill
HMP Rochester
1 Fort Road

Please note: this is Joshua’s current prison address, any mail sent to other prisons will eventually catch up with him. Second-hand books are not accepted by some prisons. Stamps and postal orders are gratefully received, please write in the letter that you have sent this and to what amount.

It is planned to provide a comprehensive listing of the addresses of all political prisoners who so wish their details to be listed.

The Dover marches prisoners’ aid scheme is run by Mandy and can be contacted via The South East Alliance facebook page.

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