No Shit, Sherlock

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 10, 2018

You have to get people from some random nowhere zone like Kazakhstan to say the most obvious things in the world at this point.


“Entrusting children to so-called homosexual couples constitutes in the last analysis a moral abuse of children, the smallest and most defenseless,” said Bishop Athanasius Schneider in an interview with Italian media last week.

Mincing no words, the bishop said gay adoption “will go down in history as one of the greatest degradations of civilization. Those who daily combat this gross injustice are the true friends of children and the heroes of our age.”

An auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, Schneider told the Italian dailyIl Giornale that the “Catholic Church, just like every human person with good sense and sound reason, has always rejected homosexual activity.”

Handing children over to homosexual couples “is a violation of the fundamental right of every child to grow up and be raised by a dad and a mom,” he said.

The bishop’s words come in the wake of an ongoing battle in the United States over the unwillingness of adoption and foster care agencies run by the Catholic Church to place children in homes with gay couples.

Last March, Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services ceased new foster care placements with Catholic Social Services and another faith-based agency, Bethany Christian Services, because of the agencies’ policy of not placing foster children with same-sex couples.

Why do they only adopt male children?

Is it because they rape them? 

If it isn’t because they rape them, then why do they constantly get caught raping them?

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