Nigs Who Broke Into Home of NASCAR Legend Were Using Stolen Military-Grade Weapons

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
January 14, 2018

It’s because of Call of Duty and the Second Amendment.


The men charged with breaking into the home of NASCAR legend Richard Childress last month were carrying stolen military-grade weapons, according to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. After already being charged with trespassing and attempted burglary, the three men involved are also facing additional charges of conspiracy to commit burglary and possession of stolen weapons

The incident initially occurred on Dec. 17, when the 72-year-old Childress said that he heard glass shattering while he was upstairs. Childress fired shots at the intruders as he came downstairs.

It was uncovered that the guns carried by the alleged intruders had been stolen and reported to Winston-Salem police two days earlier. The alleged intruders — Niquan Victorin (20), Chantz Hines (18) and Armeka Spinks (18) — were arrested on Jan. 2. The three were held on $250,000 bond at Davidson County Detention Center. After the additional charges, the bond has gone up another $200,000, per the sheriff’s department.

Richard Childress.