Nigeria: More Than 50 Are Missing After Oil Pipeline Explosion Caused Stampede

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2019

What a beautiful sight. But what a pity we didn’t get to see any blacks burning to death and screaming in desperation like the Mexicans did recently. It’s still good though, because 50 Apefreakans are missing.


More than 50 people are missing after a leaking oil pipeline exploded and caused a stampede in southern Nigeria, a local official said Saturday.

The blast early Friday caused massive oil spillage in the Nembe kingdom in Bayelsa state, the Nembe Chiefs Council spokesman, Chief Nengi James-Eriworio, told The Associated Press.

The Niger Delta is highly polluted. Nigerian oil companies usually assert that the majority of oil spills are caused by sabotage, theft and illegal refining.

Deadly accidents caused by leaking pipelines are alarmingly common. In January, an overturned oil tanker exploded in Odukpani in Cross River state while dozens of people were scooping up the leaking fuel. Police said at least 12 people were killed while some witnesses estimated up to 60 were dead.

Hundreds of people have died in similar accidents in recent years in Africa’s largest oil producer as impoverished people risk their lives to collect fuel leaking from pipelines or trucks.

There’s a clear pattern here of browns and blacks stealing oil from pipelines and dying horribly because of it.

Don’t get me wrong, browns and blacks stealing oil is obviously bad, but browns and blacks dying because of it is obviously good. I won’t deny it.

So this is a tricky subject.

I’d prefer if browns and blacks wouldn’t steal our stuff — and oil is indisputably our stuff, no matter who “owns” it, because we invented the things that use it — but as long as they keep doing that, well, then… let them burn.

You can’t stop them from stealing stuff because you can’t stop them from being poor.

Browns and blacks are inherently poor and they’ll continue to be poor even after you’ve bathed them in trillions of dollars because they can only spend, consume, destroy and ruin; they have no creative drive and are incapable of producing anything, let alone wealth.

This is what happens with Africa. The West pours millions, billions, trillions, and then some, and blacks still can’t get their shit together.

The same happens in beaner countries.

You have to understand…

We’ve already given them the greatest of gifts.

We’ve given them our knowledge. We’ve given them technology. We’ve given them medicine. We’ve given them science. We’ve given them education.

Everything we do, they could study and learn. They could do what we do. But they can’t, because they’re biologically incapable of doing it, and no amount of “humanitarian” aid will change that.

What else do they expect from us?

Imagine if an advanced civilization visited our planet and gave us all of its knowledge for free.

Would you resent them as blacks and browns resent us?

Because we are that advanced civilization that found browns and blacks and shared all of its knowledge with them, and they’re still trying to steal our stuff, steal our land, steal our countries, steal our women, and kill us.

Maybe we should change tactics, you know? Maybe it’s time to stop giving so much and to start taking.

We can start by taking back what we’ve given.

Ingratitude shouldn’t be tolerated.