Nick Fuentes and Mike Enoch on Alt-Right Strategies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2017

Starts at 22:00.

Mike Enoch appeared this week on America First with Nick Fuentes. The two discussed Alt-Right strategem, ostensibly coming from different positions on multiple issues.

I found myself agreeing with both of them. And they found themselves agreeing with each other.

I recently published a piece dealing with some of these topics, and I think we are all on similar pages here.

On point on which Mike and Nick disagreed is the need for rallies – Nick is critical of the concept of having these rallies right now and is confused about the purpose of them. I have also to an extent questioned the concept. Very much, I see people assuming that rallies are good without being able to explain why.

Mike gave a good answer, saying that we should have the public be constantly aware that we exist. I certainly agree with that. However, I am not convinced that large rallies on public property are the best way to do that, especially given the risk involved.

I think rallies on private property make more sense. There is just so much room for catastrophe at this big rallies, and we only have room for so much catastrophe. We also risk creating the impression that we just show up and cause chaos.

Flier campaigns have proven very good at raising awareness, as have smaller flash-mob type actions.

However, Mike’s point that Charlottesville, for all the problems it created, was necessary in order to show the world that we exist is correct. And Nick even came close to conceding that.

Three Paths to Revolution

There are three potential paths to a successful fascist revolution:

  1. Military coup
  2. Foreign invasion
  3. Electoral politics

“Peasant revolt” is not among the possibilities – at least not without an existing political infrastructure and allies in the existing government. People who talk about a peasant revolt are either dim-witted, insane or shills. It simply is not a viable option.

Military coup is extremely unlikely, because the government has for a long time so closely monitored who is allowed in the military, keeping anyone who won’t toe the line out of positions of power. Generals have to be confirmed by Congress, and so are chosen on how much they appreciate the joys of transsexualism.

A foreign invasion is something out of our control. As such, it isn’t really worth thinking too much about, other than perhaps to form the structures that would make you a viable party to tap to build a collaboration government.

There is then the possibility of some kind of Mad Max type collapse of society, but you cannot count on that any more than you can could on a foreign invasion. People have been predicting a collapse for decades and it hasn’t happened yet.

That leaves electoral politics.

Nick is arguing that this is where the energy needs to be going, and I agree with that. At the same time, in order for that to work, we do need to continue building consciousness among the people.

Understanding the necessity of both these agendas, and honing techniques for both is now our primary objective.

Any energy that isn’t going into either electoral politics or building public consensus behind our ideas is wasted energy and may in fact be working against us.


Fuentes is totally on-board with the Americanism agenda, and criticized people who are focusing on European stuff. I obviously agree with this, and believe that because this is America, we should be focused on America.

He says that in a year from now this will be clear to everyone and I concur.

Currently, there is a weird strand of pseudo-Yockeyist Duganism running through our circles which is promoting an anti-nationalist take on the American far right. I have no idea how this formed, but its advocates don’t seem to have thought it through very well.

Some people, perhaps, just want to be edgy, and promoting the idea of destroying America to create a new fascist state is something they think makes them seem interesting. That’s cute, I’m sure – but for me, fighting because I actually want to win, it’s frustrating to have to argue with.

I obviously like National Socialist thought and aesthetics, but I also like ancient Roman thought and aesthetics – and I don’t think we should be dressing up in togas.

As we are locked into electoral politics for the time being, we need to focus on what we can sell to millions of people.

Furthermore, I know for a fact that the overwhelming majority of young white men – the ones we are appealing to most directly – will be more moved to fight for America than for some fascist logo someone made in Photoshop.

The bottom line here is that we need to move forward and embrace a new phase of our revolution. A big part of that is reaching a general consensus on what we are trying to do, and forming through that a real unified political movement.

Charlottesville was a turning point. Everything is different now. All eyes are on us. And we need to not screw this up.

We only get one shot at this.