Sheboon Calls Cops on White Woman for Microaggressions After Complaints Monkey was Touching Her

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2018

Even having one of these animals touch you will probably give you like, ebola or something.

Daily Mail:

A woman claims she was mistreated on an American Airlines flight for being ‘fat and black’ after the white woman sitting next to her complained to flight attendants because their arms were touching.

Amber Phillips, 28, was flying from North Carolina to Washington DC on Friday when she says the woman sitting next to her spent the entire 45-minute flight making an ‘active scene’.

Phillips said she ended up being questioned by police when she got off the flight after the female passenger told an air hostess she had been assaulted.

She says she took photos and filmed the white woman after they landed so she could document her ‘outrageous behavior of trying to humiliate me’.

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