New Zealand: Police Taken to Christchurch Mosque, Encouraged to Convert to Islam

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2019

You know, it’s funny.

Brenton Tarrant wrote in his manifesto that he didn’t think the police in New Zealand were traitors to the people and so he wouldn’t get into a shoot out with them if he could help it. It was part of his rationale for allowing himself to be taken into custody and not going straight to Valhalla.

But then you look at pics like this:

… and you just have to wonder.

This wahmyn joined the police to work out her anger/daddy/gender dysmorphia issues, but ended up settling on wearing a hijab to show off how much she hates White Christians and how ready she is to come down like a hammer on them for exercising their right to exist in their own country.

It’s almost as if the police in the West are universally absolutely horrible and cucked to the core and will sooner or later start rounding up people for being BadWhites.

Sooner or later, we’re going to have to have a conversation about the police and just how complicit they are in the forced ethnic replacement of White people.

The whole pro-police line of thinking of the right-wing is, frankly, bizarre and a weird deviation from the historical and even current cultural norm. Most people in most countries have always known that the police are worse than useless and unnecessary in a healthy society. More often than not, the police make things worse and are a symptom of a terrible, civilization-level bad policy that is being pursued by the state and being rammed down the throats of the populace.

Even Anglo-Saxons used to hate the po-po. It’s in both popular and ancient literature.

The corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham that Robin Hood outwits and outsmarts. 

The Duke boys running laps around the Sheriff in the pay of the evil Boss Hoggs. 

Examples abound.

Once the Globo-Homo enforcement squad start letting women in, it’s safe to assume that they have become anti-White, pro-Moslem, pro-Degeneracy and ready to start rounding people up and putting them into camps, sooner rather than later.

I’m just making an observation here.

Furthermore, I am truly baffled by the pro-cop rhetoric. 

I don’t know a single Millennial, Gen Xer or Zoomer who likes the cops. Excluding Antifa, not even the liberals/SJWs/Communists on the left like them, even though they’re doing their bidding. No matter how many hijabs they don, or gay parades they throw, most people on the left HATE the cops with a passion. But even on the right, I can’t find anyone under the age of 40 who will say that they’re pro-cop or object to someone being anti-cop in their company.

It’s usually only the really over-the-top earnest Normiecons, people with aggressively centrist opinions who opine about how much respect they have for the men and women in uniform, the boys in blue, the black community, etc.

If my anti-cop stance was alienating and confusing a lot of people on the Right, I would drop it and just stay mum on the subject. But most people have had nothing but negative experiences with these psychopaths, so I’m just going to keep talking about how shitty and unnecessary the job would be in a homogenous White society free of drugs and with a well-armed population.

We didn’t need police for centuries, millennium even, and we won’t need them once we take back our countries, either.

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  1. Tarrant chose the wrong day

  2. An interesting piece claiming the Christchurch shooting was a watershed event, with a quote from Mr. Batty:

  3. I used to be pro-cop… until my first bike got stolen.

  4. They are engaging in really dangerous (for them) signalling with this OTT Islam-loving involving authority-figures. There is a conscious message being generated that the state really IS the enemy and is siding with Islam against whites. Remember, this mosque was responsible for radicalizing terrorists before Tarrant.

  5. To say the least! The best analysis I’ve yet read.

    I agree, Christchurch is a game-changer because through careful choice of target, humour and memes, Tarrant, Peace Be Upon Him, has actually achieved a higher score than Saint Breivik in that he has curried mass normie approval. The bar is now set very high, and it is inevitable that angry intelligent and disenfranchised White men will execute ever more inventive pranks such as this.

    I unreservedly condemn such violence and urge zog to stop the bloodshed by peaceful negotiation.

  6. @LeTrav That’s a nice article. :ok_hand:


    Calling Saint Brenton and his lit livestream “wignat” is not only bad optics, but also unfair.
    How many wignats do you know who even know what Initial D is?


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