New Yorker Says Everyone Who Supports Trump is a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 25, 2015

Header image is a good image.
Header image is a good image.

The New Yorker has a stupidly long and abysmally pretentious article, written by a certain Evan Osnos (who is married to a certain Sarabeth Berman, and has written for a certain The Tablet), about how Donald Trump is an evil racist and everyone supporting him is driven by Neo-Nazi hate.

We got a shout-out.

When the Trump storm broke this summer, it touched off smaller tempests that stirred up American politics in ways that were easy to miss from afar. At the time, I happened to be reporting on extremist white-rights groups, and observed at first hand their reactions to his candidacy. Trump was advancing a dire portrait of immigration that partly overlapped with their own. On June 28th, twelve days after Trump’s announcement, the Daily Stormer, America’s most popular neo-Nazi news site, endorsed him for President: “Trump is willing to say what most Americans think: it’s time to deport these people.” The Daily Stormer urged white men to “vote for the first time in our lives for the one man who actually represents our interests.”

We are actually the number one “Neo-Nazi” news site in the world.

But that’s cool, Evan.

When the Trump Train (a machine purposefully built without brakes) first left the station, people were telling me “oh no, don’t endorse him, the Jew media will just associate him with you and that will be bad.”

I said it didn’t matter, and I was correct. They are associating him with everybody. The article mentions Stormfront, Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, etc.

"Better to reign in Neo-Nazi White Supremacy than serve in Cuckoldry." -Andrew Anglin
“Better to reign in Neo-Nazi White Supremacy than serve in Cuckoldry.” -Andrew Anglin

But no one cares. Because the “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” meme is on its last leg, and they are going to kill it completely by calling everyone who supports Trump this slur. They are literally expanding the term to include all White people (the media is even flirting with the Black attempt expand the term to communist Jews such as Bernie Sanders).

This polarization can only be looked at as a good thing. Erase the middle ground.

A couple days ago, the Jew blog Gothamist posted a series of photos of White Christian apple-pie Americans and called them “the worst people in America.” They didn’t explain why they were the worst people in the world, but seemed to be implying it is because they are White.

Ben Yakas is simply concerned.
Ben Yakas – who is just a White guy like you or I, we assure you – is simply concerned.

What is happening is the opposite of what the Jews want to happen. Instead of making White Americans feel guilty about being evil racists, they are driving White Americans toward racial awareness by openly condemning them for having been born with a certain genetic identity.

The New Yorker concludes with this:

Trump’s candidacy has already left a durable mark, expanding the discourse of hate such that, in the midst of his feuds and provocations, we barely even registered that Senator Ted Cruz had called the sitting President “the world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism,” or that Senator Marco Rubio had redoubled his opposition to abortion in cases of rape, incest, or a mortal threat to the mother. Trump has bequeathed a concoction of celebrity, wealth, and alienation that is more potent than any we’ve seen before. If, as the Republican establishment hopes, the stargazers eventually defect, Trump will be left with the hardest core—the portion of the electorate that is drifting deeper into unreality, with no reconciliation in sight.

I would comment on that, but I have no idea what it even means.


  1. Well, OF COURSE, I’m a neo-nazi White Conservatist. Just as people who support Al and Hillary are Black Terrorist Bastards!

  2. Truth is… Everyone who loves NY is a Zionist-Supremacist-Bigot, and the whole world knows it.
    NY and Tel Aviv are the twin epicenters of bigotry with the Zionist-London following suit.

  3. Andrew, can you give this thread a bump on the main page? Seems to be gaining alot of traction

  4. Dear Ben and The New Yorker Jews,

    We already know that you hate us, you’ve proven that time and time again. We can certainly assure you that the feeling is mutual. One day in the future we may get to show you just how much. Hope you can stick around for the finish.

    White America


    no, they’re traitors, not “nazis”

  6. Melvin Polatnick

    Intelligence agencies are full of homosexuals. They are recruited from private detective agencies where they are prominent. Famous spies were often perverts, they are not bound to family life.

  7. Have we reached “Peak Nazi”?

  8. It is most telling of how insane, the Jewish Political establishment is that controls the ‘club’, that they consider Trump, who is for protecting Social Security/Medicare, opposes war, and concerned about the loss of US manufacturing is ‘extreme’.
    While all the rest of the Republican field serving the Jew agenda is ‘mainstream ‘.
    But if course he us to to.
    them, as they are the opposite of all of this, wanting Globalism, constant war, and privatization/ Wall Street rule, over everything – Jews, 1 %.

    Being for national sovereignty, and protected borders is the opposite of the International Jews agenda.
    The attack on the clean cut white family is pure Jew.
    Of course they love brain washing those kind to serve them ,as they are just “Goyim”.
    But in reality they want them enslaved, or extinct.

    • In their efforts to diminish political adversaries through the formerly effective tactics of hysterical hyperbole, ad hominem character assassination, and guilt by association they are only exposing (and injuring) themselves.

      I’m reminded of a frustrated magician discovering his bag of tricks no longer fools the audience.

  9. First government to pass an animal cruelty law.

  10. John Cougar FEMAcamp

    The libtards, cucks and other assorted morons are bitching about this at buzzfeed. Stormers should all go down there to their comments section show those buzzfeed kikes some love.

  11. a certain certain certain…certain Jew

  12. BobWhitakerisokay

    Andrew, they give you some nice free publicity. I’ll bet traffic on your site is going bonkers.

    Did you know you were “America’s most popular neo-Nazi news site”?

  13. The Final Solution

    It’s ok for that nigger Obama to appeal to blacks but any candidate that appeals to white voters is racist.

  14. The New Yorker is nothing but a faggot magazine that nobody now reads. Its obviously jew owned and jew run and their writers are all jews….. so who in their right mind would pay any attention to these fags anyway?

  15. I’m on Facebook right now, and on the Trending section to the right, the top one says, “David Duke: Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Says Donald Trump Is ‘Best of the Lot’ for President.”

    While it’s refreshing to see the good Doctor’s name in the mainstream, they’re really stepping up the whole associate-Trump-with-Nazis meme.

    And that featured comment up there is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

    • Well then we better attempt to convince everybody that the “nazi’s” were the good guys and there is nothing wrong with this scenario.
      Show as many people as you can “the greatest story never told” and “Babylon before Hitler” as a start.
      Once people see the Jew for what they are it’s easy to teach them how Germany was destroyed by the evil Jew and that they were actually the good guys.

      • Totally. As everyone’s been saying, the normal people are finally going to be fed up with being called names, and will know that what they’ve lived and seen overrides accusations of racism…then they’ll be all ours.

  16. I do not know if everyone who supports Trump is a “Nazi”. I do know I am. :)[please note the dropping of the “Neo”]

  17. “Everyone Who Supports Trump is a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist”…

    If only they actually were!

  18. The Dead Baron (Dindu Nathan')

    Surprise, surprise. The effete cuck gets on his knees to pray while his wife gathers the kids and flees seeking safety. This was potentially a tragedy. Get guns, people. Fucking Christ.

  19. You really can’t blame White people for flocking to Trump when his opposition is clearly anti-white and genocidal in nature, and I’m talking about other rebuplicans here. The rapidly occurring racial balknization of America is the best thing that can happen in the short-term; either will either have defacto national segregation, or, failing that, at least we will have clearly drawn rival camps with little room for the politicized military to play kingmaker. The jews have finally gone too far this time in their craven attempts to force another zionist Bush presidency on the country. Seriously, what type of White person would vote for this kind of fate:

    • BobWhitakerisokay

      Seems like the Jews have always had a knack for going too far. They didn’t get kicked out of countries for centuries for being nice, innocent, poor harmless victims.

  20. Reactionary accusations of “racism” are pretty much expected to increase these days as more and more of the White working class begins to demand their right to self-determination, the right to their own living spaces, and the right to secure a future for their children. White people exist. White people have the right to exist, and White people have the right to exist as White people. The more acceptable and fashionable it becomes for White people to assert their rights the more the radical left has to attack White people. So eventually the radical left is driven or lured to abandon its eloquent “anti-racism” rhetoric, decorated with humanistic platitudes, and openly declare that it simply hates White people.

    I recommend posting this comment in the comments section of any article that calls Trump a racist. No one can really disagree with this.

  21. Thought that New Yorker artwork needed a little more jazz.

  22. East Asian Nationalist Front

    I’m not white, don’t live in America, and I support nationalists in every country on the planet, especially ones where social democratic values has taken hold.

    May nationalism blossom in your country so that you can deal with your leftists effectively.

  23. Antonius Galliard

    President Trump

  24. Antonius Galliard

    Dumping Trump pics

  25. Because the “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” meme is on its last leg, and they are going to kill it completely by calling everyone who supports Trump this slur.

    Because white people are sick and tired of this kikery.

  26. Entire Jewsmedia blaming Trump for new row with Megrane Smelly but no-one telling the truth that she started it on Fox last night.

  27. Alfred Rosenberg

    “Anybody who is not ridiculed by The Jew is either worthless or dangerous” -Goebbels said something of the sort. It is a “badge of honor”. Congrats

  28. There have been several articles similar to this in the MSM over the past couple weeks. The Kikenvermin are becoming extremely tense as they see Trumps fucking ascension in the GOP. They realized they overplayed their hand the last 8 years and working class whites are waking up.

  29. Donald Trump ripping the crap out of Meg?y?n Kelly on twitter!

  30. So by that logic, everyone who supports Hillary Clinton hates America and loves niggers and jews, correct?

  31. First they ignore then they attack


  32. His Name is YHVH

    Origin of NATION

    Middle English nacioun, from
    Anglo-French naciun, from
    Latin nation-, natio birth,
    race, stock, nation, from nasci to
    be born; akin to Latin gignere to
    beget — more at kin

    First Known Use: 14th century

    14th century my ass. Good job jew at obfuscating everything. Nation, from generation, these are the generations of Adam. The jew is changing the dictionaries quietly all the time. There used to be a photo of Otto von Skorzeny on thefreedictionary under the page “mensur” referring to the ancient Aryan practice of the men chosing their wounds of honor that are received courageously in battle on the front, or even face, but never in the back as a coward. On the face symbolically means, of course, to face evil bravely no matter the odds. Merriam Webster now defines “god” as a famous person. Before 1960 a racist was defined by Merriam Webster as “a person who loves their race”. Leave it to the Jew to invert everything, for example, gay, sick, wicked, even art.

    [Middle English nacioun, from Old French nation, from Latin nātiō, nātiōn-, from nātus, past participle of nāscī, to be born; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

    C13: via Old French from Latin nātiō birth, tribe, from nascī to be born]

    1250-1300; Middle English < Latin nātiōn- (stem of nātiō) birth, tribe,equivalent to nāt (us) (past participle of nāscī to be born) + -iōn- -ion


    1. See race

    It used to be commonly understood that nation means and only means race.

    It's real simple folks, or it was until Satan's chosen people bought their way into everything and suddenly everything is a 'debate' and 'unclear' and 'controversial'.

    nationalism = patriotism = racism

    nationalist = patriot = racist

    Basically, the Jew views any White person who does not want to die as a nazi racist fascist supremacist. When will the White race wake up and realize that we are the Belle race, the Belli, Bellum Belligerent Bellicose race, we are the Wight race, the Vigt race, the Fight race, and the Jew screams words at us because that is all he can do in his impotency.

  33. >Be jeb bush today
    >have low energy campaign
    >Under the Trump Pump
    >hand goes black with envy
    >mailer will improve fortune
    >low skilz photoshop job
    >make head bigger than photostock town hall
    >perspective wrong
    >light coming from two different directions – wtf?
    >forget to photoshop envy hand
    >photo looks fake, badly made
    >trump becomes president
    >original mailer ppl think Jeb is health product
    >In Trump america constantly humilated by trump tweets and shitlords

  34. Meanwhile in Israel, they have a category of citizen called jewish NATIONALISTS, which is a label that can only be given to jews, which entitles them to all the best perks their government has to offer, that they , at the same time, deny to everyone else! True dat! I wonder if Mr. Yakas will be printing a story about that in the New Yorker any time soon? Maybe we should ask him.

    • J ews are the world’s greatest Nationalists, Racists…..and Hypocrites!

    • Texas Secessionist

      The current regime running Israel is basically what jews outside of Israel refer to as the Radical Right. Typical Israelis are basically hardcore nationalists. They have their Zio-Nazi state to use their smear term against them; separation walls, checkpoints, military/police state, corporate domination, us vs. them mentality and all. But of course wherever they are outside of Israel in western nations they are totally against any form of nationalism, at least among the white populace of these nations. Hypocrites indeed. Yet hypocrisy only begins to describe how the jews operate against normal white people.

      Jews: do as they say, not as they do.


  36. “I’m the Gothamist’s reckoning!” “First, I will show you where we’ve made our home, and then I will break Jew!” -Banedrew Anglin


    Hugo Boss had better get ready for a jump in sales.


  39. It looks like everybody loves Don Trump these days .. well, exept joos of course

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