New York Mayor Declares He has Just Legalized Illegal Mexicans

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
February 14, 2014

If there's one thing America needs, it's more Mexicans.  Like, we need tens of millions more.  They are enriching our economy.
If there’s one thing America needs, it’s more Mexicans. Like, we need tens of millions more. They are enriching our economy.

In his speech to the public, Mayor de Blasio exposed that he wanted to assist illegal immigrants in committing the crime of being in the United States illegally, which should he do so, would make him the most recent authority to aid and abet criminals.

His plan, which was one of his mayoral campaign pledges, is to create municipal Identification cards, allowing them access to services provided by the city of New York.

The cards would be used to create bank accounts, lease apartments, and anything that a photo ID normally can be used for. The only exception is that the cards do not allow illegal immigrants access to government benefits, such as voting democratically.

De Blasio wants these ID cards so that illegal immigrants don’t have to “live their lives in the shadows.”

“To all of my fellow New Yorkers who are undocumented, I say: New York City is your home, too, and we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows.”

He also repeated his proposition in Spanish.

City Hall aides have said that de Blasio plans to introduce legislation authorizing the use of ID cards in a few weeks, which he originally wanted passed in 2012.

Several cities, including New Haven, Connecticut, and San Francisco have created similar ID card schemes

A Connecticut study, conducted in Fair Haven, claimed that crime fell by nearly 20% in two years after ID cards were given out in, de Blasio used this to support his ID card scheme.

The study however, failed to take in to account that being an illegal immigrant is also a crime, which would affect the statistics.

Perhaps De Blasio will also create cards that allow people to do other things that are illegal as well, such as murder or theft? That would also lower crime rates, so that means it would look great when they’re talking about crime statistically.

Steven Choi, the executive director of the New York immigration coalition said “For a diverse city like New York, the benefits will be immense, such an ID expands opportunities for greater civic and economic integration for all New Yorkers.”

Bob Whitaker, a Ronald Reagan appointee disagrees: “If immigrants are so knowledgeable and hard working, why don’t they go to the third world where they are needed?” he writes, “All those ambitious, hard-working Mexicans would be a real blessing in Africa. So would all those Vietnamese who come here and all those Indonesians who head for the Netherlands.”

“There are two reasons those people don’t go where they are needed: they can’t get in and no one mentions it, least of all ‘humanitarians’; and they want the United States or the Netherlands or nothing and nobody mentions it, least of all ‘humanitarians’ whose only interest is getting them into white countries, all white countries, and ONLY white countries.”

De Blasio is a White man who has chosen to have kids with his Black wife, and it is his choice, but when he tries to push this kind of thinking on White New Yorkers, what he is doing is the same as many leaders are doing in White countries across the world – White genocide; whereby all White countries and areas are flooded with millions of non-White people, and everyone is encouraged to “assimilate” or in other words, mix together, to produce this “mixed race future”, that anti-Whites are demanding.

The point of White genocide is that these policies are ONLY being forced in White countries. There is no non-White country that has ever been called names like “racist” or “hateful” for wanting to keep its majority population as the majority. These words are ONLY reserved for White countries, and using the United Nations genocide conventions as the definition of genocide – those policies constitute a program of genocide against White people.

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