New Watchmen Show Will be Dedicated to Combating White Supremacy!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2019

For the longest time, I really actually thought that movies and books were dedicated to telling stories that were gripping and compelling, and to pushing sales.

This, it turns out, is not really true.

Every single story has become a morality tale told by the Jews to the goyim, just in various forms to really drive the message home deep into people’s subconscious.

The new HBO Watchmen series is just straight-up going to be about RACE WAR NOW!


After dropping an Easter egg-rich new Watchmen trailer during the spotlight of Comic-Con, Damon Lindelof today tore right into the heart of the upcoming HBO series based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic late-1980s comic.

“What in 2019 is the equivalent of the nuclear standoff between the Americans and the Russians?” the sometimes-punchy Leftovers co-creator postulated during the Watchmen panel at TCA on Wednesday. “It is race and the police,” Lindelof said, answering his own question as star Regina King and EP/director Nicole Kassell — both Leftovers alums — sat next to him on stage at the Beverly Hilton.

“There is no defeating white supremacy — it’s not going away,” EP Lindelof explained of the hate groups that populate the nine-episode Watchmen. “There are no easy answers and grandiose solution,” he added, noting this was not going to play out like your standard superheroes saga on the small or big screen.

They’re saying that the new Watchmen won’t be about Russians, but somehow I strongly doubt that they’ll be able to resist touching on the topic.

I don’t know about you, but I plan to watch this show.

A lot of those tiresome “I don’t see race, why can’t everyone stop talking about race, let’s all get along” folks are doing their whole tiresome rain dance about this new show. All the cool kids are getting the popcorn ready and settling down on the couch to cheer for their favorite race to triumph.

This new trend in TV is a good sign of things to come.

The media will start normalizing the idea that we are due for a race war soon, and it will be the cool, new hip thing. In all seriousness, we are, in fact, about two years out from this becoming an acceptable topic of discourse among anyone younger than 50.

Normies are going to be sitting around and musing about when it will start, what it will look like, and what warrior class they’re going to be. And who knows! Maybe the Boomers that actually pay the $1o monthly fee for HBO so that the rest of us can watch it for free will get involved too.

Shit is going to be lit!

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  1. Can I be a swordmage tho? It’s my preferred play style.

  2. TV was always shitty ZOG propaganda. Your only excuse for being around it’s satanic radiance is having to spend time at the home of a boomer relative. Movies should mostly be saved for watching with friends on occasion, and then only the odd old, non-homo independent or foreign one. Even internet time should be limited ans spent primarily watching instructional videos or lurking this and other neon-Nazi sites. Too much screen watching makes you passified and gay. Podcasts are alright, but books and music should be primary. Life is short and time is precious. Boredom is a semetic construct.

  3. Exactly!,I so deeply regret all the time I wasted watching the boob-tube; these days,thank God!,I might tune into our/tucker/,but that’s about it…I do have a pretty good movie collection on DVD–I mean if I can’t find a good book to read…also,I listen to a whole lot of classical music–nothing makes me feel better then that!

  4. If only people could recognize jewish names and jewish physiognomy it would be very clear to them thar they’re in a race war. Did you see all those congress kikes interviewing poor old Mueller?

  5. Ugh. Looks 200% more kikey than the Movie. Without the Comedian to kill degenerates/Rorschach to kill everyone I don’t think it’s going to be watchable.

  6. The same network that launched the Wire and Sopranos is now nothing but fantasy land talmudry and nigger filth. It’s either make believe white fantasy world or woke niggers. There is nothing about the contemporary that has to do with any kind of real world drama or situation other than niggers.

  7. G-Man says:

    What kike lawyer, are you talking about the one that defended Omar in the courtroom?

    The Wire was written/directed by a jew. It attempts to portray a “realistic” portrait of inner city life, with a fairly intricate plot and deep characterization.

    It shows all strata of society, from the lowest street hustlers, to the highest levels of political deal-making.

    So far so good.

    It implies the problems with society and the black community are all super-complex and multi-faceted and systemic n’ sheeit.

    The problem is this is a jewish lie.

    The problems with the black community are due to niggers. Niggers suck and drag down those around them. They are not capable of upholding, or perpetuating, modern civilization. It’s as simple as that.

  8. G-Man says:

    Oh did it? The smooth, slick Idris Elba character, who got his boost to the big screen purely as a result of his performance, and is now being considered for James Bond?

    Or perhaps you’re thinking of the suave, gay “Robin Hood” superhero character Omar Little, who literally jumps off a balcony like superman and survives, and is probably the most badass cool guy in the show?

    Or perhaps you’re thinking of Bunk, the “cool negro sidekick” character? Or Lester Freman, the “wise old negro” character who makes miniatures similar to the way “Magic Mexican” Edward James Olmos folded the origami characters in Blade Runner?

    Or perhaps you mean Marlo Stanfield, the smooth, cold-blooded crime lord?

    Or Kima, the stronk lesbian police woman who don’t need no man?

    The fact of the matter is none of the principal characters is shown as hair-trigger sociopathic for no reason (most niggers), none of them are shown engaging in ritual sexual humiliation of their underlings, rape, child abuse, and the myriad of other vices that negroes commit. They are all well above the true average negro IQ.

    The nigger junkies (eg. Bubbles) are shown as troubled but somehow noble street poets.

    And the converse is also true, many of the White cops are shown as pathetic old fat lifers who are coasting towards retirement.

    The show is unparalleled bullshit. It is also the purest propaganda “Liberal Feed”, in the sense that it creates a complex portrait that is superficially appealing, but built on a faulty foundation. I know because it used to be my favorite show, when I was a liberal.

    The Shield is a much more realistic show, despite having more implausible long scenarios. But the per-episode details are much truer to life - brown creatures acting like they really do.

    All this said, I agree that The Wire wouldn’t be made again today, simply because the atmosphere is more charged, and we’re even further away from reality, as a society.

  9. G-Man says:

    Yes exactly, I truly think it is the most sophisticated propaganda ever created, because it is so multi-layered and “humanist.” But the blacks in it are basically Whites with superficially black traits (the lingo and clothes), and the implication is that super-complex systemic factors that only a jewish genius could possibly hope to comprehend are the cause of the decline in the inner-cities - nothing biological.

    I should add that this implied argument from the left - that it is the innate flaws of all of humanity that lead to an imperfect society - is their crowning triumph of demoralization propaganda. If there is no way to make things better, then one might as well do drugs and party, right? I think this “logic” is seeping into everything in the West, it is the poison that is paralyzing Whites from doing anything, because it says: “the flaw is within you too, there’s nothing that can be done to perfect anything created by man.” It’s like some weird perversion of Biblical doctrine.

    The sword that cuts this Gordian knot is knowledge of race realism and the JQ - everything becomes so obvious, and assumes its proper proportion, when those two things are revealed. After the shock wore off, I got a bit of a spring in my step, finally being able to make sense of the world.

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