New Molyneux Video Finally Names the Jew and Calls Out White Genocide!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2017

Well no, not really. Sorry lad, you just got click-baited.

What Molymeme did was make a video about how it sucks that people are illogical and mostly just self-interested or something.

To be honest, I kind of zoned out halfway through because I was reading the comments instead. The real party is always in the comments section these days anyway. At the very end of the video, Molymeme asks people to share their greatest Red Pill moments. Here’s what the top answers were:

Molymeme is an interesting guy I suppose. I mean I’ve tried to watch his videos many times, but the overacting and the constant vacillating between almost espousing the 14 words and then cucking out back into libertard land is just bad for my nerves. I can’t handle the emotional rollercoaster; the “will he or won’t he come out with the final red pill” tension is just too much for me, fam.

And he was coming along so nicely!

I will just take the patented Andrew Anglin ™ stance on this guy- at the very least he’s a gateway to the Alt-Right so there is no point counter-signalling him too hard. But the commentariat clearly knows whats up. I wonder sometimes if people just visit these ‘gateway’ content creators channels just to bantz with each other in the comments section.  You see this all over the internet. Even places like Takimag – which features a column by Gavin McInnes and David Cole (a FCKIN’ BASED Jew)- that used to be Libertarian rags have a Jew-wise comments section.

I always perk up when I see how red-pilled the internet is when people’s opinions aren’t censored.

Meanwhile, Jewtube continues to censor Alt-Right content that I can 100% get behind like Murdoch Murdoch. In the end though, it’s obvious that we are winning the internet. I mean really, there is no contest. The Jews can’t keep up so they just try to shut us down. But they can’t keep us down forever.

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  1. I do like to start off normies with molyneux first. The educated ones appreciate him and the less educated normies are intimidated by him so they buy it hook line and sinker. What is funny and true is the normies while listening will start to read the comments and here is where they begin their journey down the rabbit hole of the JQ

  2. SEIGE says:

    This guy is so full of shit; hes a materialist faggot.

  3. dzie says:

    It absolutley is.

  4. Remember, filthy goyims, the reason your society is fucked is because you have a government, you spank your children and the market isn’t free!

    You can trust me, fellow White people. I’m a philosopher…

  5. He’s a gateway to the alt-right for the older generation.
    Generation Zyklon goes straight to the Stormer though.

  6. Literally a lesbian tranny with cancer

  7. It is amazzing the comments on NORMIE places like Yahoo, Daily Mail,and many many others are 99% our views !!
    I cannot believe the jews have not shut it down, Volks are waking up alright. I am starting to feel that will WILL have enough numbers to win the new Civil War.

  8. Gotta throw the dank O.C. I made in here…

  9. Vger says:

    The top comment has been removed??? Ironic
    Meet the new media, same as the old media.

    Biggest red pill: Learning (((WHO))) controls our media, finance, and politicians

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