New Interesting Reality: Majority of US Public School Students are Non-White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 17, 2016

black fifth graders

Black fifth graders: They just want to learn in a school – all they need is more and more and more money forever.

It’s so interesting and cool that America will soon be a majority non-White country – school children are already a majority non-White!

Really awesome. Shows how much we’re progressing towards ch-ch-ch-changes.

The especially amazing and fantastic aspect of it is that even while our nation is overtaken by third world people, it will remain first world, because the soil on which America is built is infused with magical powers to make everyone not poor.

Living in this magical geographic area – which begins exactly at the US-Mexico border and stretches all the way to the top of Canada – also magically increases the IQ of everyone living in it. Jewish scientists are uncertain as to what type of voodoo causes this geographical magic, but they are sure it’s real because they already proved (using science) that race doesn’t exist, meaning magical soil is the only remaining possibility for why White countries are successful and brown countries fail completely.

Wall Street Journal:

America’s public schools are a snapshot of a changing America: Since 2014, for the first time in the country’s history, a majority of those in public schools have been students of color.

That’s more than just a statistic. The rise of this “new majority” promises to have sweeping effects on American schools over time. The voices and interests of these students and their parents will need to be better woven into the decisionmaking that affects United States classrooms, many education experts say.

What’s their emerging message? In part it’s in keeping with the age-old desires of families everywhere: a good education in safe schools. But it’s also a call for greater equity in school quality – a longstanding sore spot in America’s education system that’s growing harder to ignore. And for some in this new majority, the definition of a good education includes shaping lessons that truly embrace diversity.

Consider just this one finding from a new poll of black and Latino parents: The sense of racial bias was so strong for some parents that a quarter of Latinos and a third of African-Americans agreed with the statement, “Schools in the US are not really trying to educate Black/Latino students.”

Those filthy racist White bastards!


Typical teaching staff at a 90% Black school in America – how are Black children supposed to learn when their teachers are members of a skinhead street gang?

We need to replace the entire educational establishment with non-Whites, so they can educate this new majority of non-White children in a non-racist way.

The poll focused on education, and that one finding suggests that, despite years of education reforms, states have a long way to go to succeed in the dawning new-majority era. One of the places to start, judging by responses in the poll, is figuring out how to better fund schools in communities that don’t have the tax base of middle-class suburbia.

“The quality is not the same due to less funding,” a Latino parent said of schools serving primarily students of color, during a Chicago focus group tied to the poll. The parent said the money gap means “less teachers, less technology available … and less overall academic opportunities.”

They need more money for them programs.


The average White man has millions or billions of dollars in his bank account, but he couldn’t care less about the suffering of Black school children. In fact, he laughs at their failures.

Whites have infinity money, and yet they refuse to spend it all on educating people from foreign countries living on welfare.


Hatred of the color of the skin.

And opportunity is the goal for these new-majority parents. Judging by the poll and focus-group responses, they want their kids held to rigorous standards and expectations, and they’re ready to do their part to prod their children forward. They just want schools to be up to the task at hand.

“Will states and school districts rise to the occasion and build a K-12 public education system designed to address the educational needs of students of color? Or will they shirk their duty … and condemn a majority of public school students to a future with little to no promise?” asks Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference Education Fund, in a report on the poll results.

You have a duty to make these brown children succeed by spending more money on them.

A duty, White man.

white man's burden

Your duty.

It’s the least you can do after slavery and the Holocaust, which you can never actually make-up for.

Mr. Henderson’s group is the research and education arm of a large civil rights coalition, and sponsored the new poll for a report titled, “New Education Majority: Attitudes and Aspirations of Parents and Families of Color.” The survey included 400 black and 400 Latino parents and guardians of school-age children, interviewed by phone in March by the polling firm Anzalone Liszt Grove Research (ALG).

More than three-quarters in the poll said schools in low-income communities – often those with many African-American or Latino residents – receive less funding than schools in wealthy communities. Parents who believed there are racial disparities in the quality of education attributed it primarily to this lack of funding. The next two factors they pointed to: lower teacher quality and overall racial bias.

Racists will claim that the claim that non-Whites get less school funding than Whites is a “myth,” simply because it is objectively untrue.

It couldn’t matter less whether or not non-White students actually receive the same (or more) per pupil state funding as Whites. What matters is that non-White feel they are receiving less money, and have said so in a focus group.

Trying to use objective facts to disprove the feelings of non-Whites is a favorite strategy of virulent racists.

In all, 6 in 10 Latinos and 8 in 10 African-Americans in the survey said schools serving their group receive less than schools in white communities.

See. They said it.

I don’t want to hear about facts or data. What I want to know is feelings.

After all, the patriarchy is long dead. It’s time we did away with the concept of objective facts once and for all.

The vast majority also believed students should be challenged more and that low-income students should be held to the same or higher expectations, because of the importance of education as a path out of poverty or limited opportunities.

As is often the case with polls of parents, more than 8 out of 10 said the school their children attend is good or excellent. But even within this question, the backdrop of racial equity lurked. Among African-Americans whose child attended a school that is mostly white, 94 percent rated the school highly, compared with 75 percent of those whose school was mostly black.

But to truly engage with families in Latino and African-American neighborhoods to ensure equity will require a deeper dive into the subtext of the poll, said Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade, a longtime teacher in largely Latino East Oakland, Calif., and a professor at San Francisco State University, during a panel discussion following the poll’s release April 11.

When parents of color call for “rigor” in education, for instance, they aren’t necessarily calling for more academic tests. “You can’t be engaged in academically rigorous education without being engaged in a culturally relevant education,” he said. “For us, the inclusion and centrality of valuing our culture, valuing our history … is by definition what we mean by academic rigor.”

Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade is a professor of race studies at San Francisco State University.

Jeff Duncan-Andrade

And being a professor of race, he’s sure to know what his race needs.

And that is to remember their culture and history, and to base their education on that.

We have to base their education on ritual human sacrifice and cannibalism.

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