New Hampshire Primary – On The Ground Report

Info Stormer
February 9, 2016

Being up here in New Hampshire, I figured I’d submit a quick on the ground report about what’s happening today.


Donald Trump – the only sane choice for White Americans.

As many of you already know, I endorsed Donald Trump for President several months ago. ¬†Why? ¬†It is very simple. ¬†Trump’s campaign is a perfect vehicle to promote strong nationalist policies for America. ¬†As a candidate who is self funding, he is¬†the only candidate with the potential to¬†do anything positive for White Americans. ¬†He’s also been the strongest on stopping this insane third world invasion. ¬†This out of all the problems we have, is by far the most important issue. ¬†While I have various disagreements with Trump, it is a documented fact that every other candidate is owned by Jewish special interests and assorted lobbyists.

We just had a fairly significant snow storm yesterday so the roads in the Southern part of the state are messy but that is not going to stop Trump supporters from voting. ¬†I attended a Trump rally in Nashua last month where thousands of people waited outside in freezing temperatures for hours just to watch him speak. ¬†If people are willing to do that, they are not going to let messy roads prevent¬†them from casting a ballot. ¬†It just isn’t going to happen.

I actually just got back from casting my ballot for Trump.  I ran into Jim Gilmore at my polling location who was greeting voters.  He has like 0% in the polls and had two people with him holding Gilmore for President signs.  It was quite odd to say the least considering he got like 12 votes in the Iowa Caucus.



Who are all these other clowns on the ballot? lol

This was the first time I have voted in eight years. ¬†I last voted for Ron Paul in 2008 to support his¬†stance against the Jewish run usury system known as the Federal Reserve. ¬†Unfortunately, his campaign lacked credibility and seemed to have been destroyed from within which is why I didn’t support him in 2012.

Up until now, I have encouraged people not to participate in the process¬†because most of the time your vote doesn’t matter. ¬†Democracy is a really stupid form of government. ¬†You are selecting from a handful of puppets who are controlled by their donors and lobbyists. ¬†In these situations, non-participation is best. ¬†This is because if you have low voter turnout, it reveals that whoever wins¬†power does not have any credible backing from the people.

With Trump we have a rare exception.  His campaign is tearing down political correctness and giving people the courage to speak out on racial issues that have been made taboo by the evil culture destroying Jewish media.  Therefore, we have a strategic reason as White Americans to support him.  No matter what happens, we benefit the longer he is the subject of media attention.

I can say for a fact that support for Trump in New Hampshire is massive. ¬†There’s Trump signs everywhere. ¬†Barring substantial vote fraud he should win by a significant margin.

The main thing we need to look at is the spin by the Jewish controlled media as the vote results come in tonight. ¬†If Trump doesn’t win by double digits, the spin from these vermin will be that he’s lost momentum and that people should vote for one of their shills.

After Marco Rubio’s horrible debate performance the other night, the Jew media is propping up the shill governors John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. ¬†I guess they want a larger group of shills to move on from New Hampshire than just Rubio. ¬†Can’t blame them I guess, considering Rubio is a closeted Cuban faggot who repeats himself like a robot. ¬†The whole situation is¬†insane.

As far as the Democrat side goes, the crazy Jewish Communist Bernie Sanders will probably win. ¬†There’s little if any support for Hillary that I’ve seen around my parts. ¬†Not even Bill crying about how pro-Bernie Internet trolls are hurting feelings is going to salvage her from a defeat.

One thing is for sure, tonight will be very interesting.