New Discovery: School Teachers “Too White”

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
May 5, 2014

thats racist

Several new studies have been conducted by the “Center for American Progress” and the “National Education Association”, have anti-Whites again fuming because school teachers are “too White” in their opinion, and it is creating a “diversity gap” in elementary and secondary schools through-out the US.

Both groups demand that White teachers be invited out or fired and be replaced with non-White teachers, because apparently, White teachers cannot understand non-White students.

Kevin Gilbert, a member of Nation Education Association said “when they [students] can look and see someone who looks just like them, that they can relate to […] Nothing can help motivate our students more than to see success standing right in front of them.

Ulrich Boser, who authored the NEA’s report said “Even in a place like North Dakota, where the students aren’t particularly diverse relative to the rest of the country, it’s important for our social fabric, for our sense as a nation, that students are engaging with people who think, talk and act differently than them but can also be just as effective at raising student achievement in the classroom

Nearly half of public school students are non-White, and about 1 out of 5 (18%) teachers are non-White.

Back in 1993, non-White students were 31% of the US public school population, which rose to 41% in 2003. Now the latest reports show us that non-White students again rose to 48%, and this is likely to continue as White babies, since 2013, are now a minority

We project that this fall, for the first time in American history, the majority of public school students in America will be non-White” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Anti-Whites are pushing for a world where White people are pushed out of our jobs, out our countries, and off the face of the earth.

They call it the “privilege problem”, “race problem” or some other silly words, but what they really mean is there is this “White problem” that needs to be solved by flooding all White countries will millions of non-White immigrants from third world countries, and then trying to force assimilate everyone together to create this “melting pot” (but only in White countries).

Open borders, massive non-White immigration, and forced “diversity” for all White areas is how these anti-Whites go about removing White people from the planet.

They all agree that these conditions will lead to a White minority, but they just disagree with us that it’s genocide.

Well, the United Nations Genocide Conventions clearly outlines genocide: Genocide is ANY targeting of a group of people for harm or destruction.

In other words, deliberately making a group of people a minority in their own home – by any methods – is genocide.

We are in the age of White Genocide, and there are only two sides: anti-White or pro-White. Which are you?

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