Netherlands: Innocent Starving Refugee Vibrantly Enriches Teenage Dutch Girl with His Penis

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2017

Ficki Ficki Ficki.

You can’t be too angry at this poor innocent child.

It’s just his culture.

Voice of Europe:

A refugee has raped a 15-year-old Dutch girl, after she left a train with him at Nijmegen-Lent station.

According to Dutch media, they smoked some pot in June this year and then went to the house of a friend of the man. After the friend left the house, the 20-year-old refugee started to harass the girl on a bed, even though she clearly said she didn’t want to be touched.

Although the girl resisted heavily and elbowed him, he continued sexually assaulting her. After a while, he raped the young girl. A housemate told the police he clearly heard the girl saying: “Don’t do it, it hurts!”