Negroid Who Murdered White Pizza Delivery Man for $20 to be Paroled

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2019

Shantu Jenkins is delighted with the news.

Don’t get angry – Shantu’s a good boy now.

He be rehabilitated and sheeeiitt.

Besides, black ex-cons are notoriously unlikely to reoffend (source: Jews).

WFMY News:

A North Carolina man sentenced to life in prison for killing a pizza delivery driver and pocketing about $20 will be released after almost 30 years.

43-year-old Shantu Jenkins will be in January 2022, the state parole commission confirms. Jenkins was 18 when he and five other young men decided to find someone to rob in High Point.

They came across and killed a pizza delivery driver, Kevin Hodgin, then took his cash. Each man got about $20.

The parole commission also will parole a 43-year-old killer serving a life sentence for shooting a man during an argument in Columbus County. William Gray will be released in January 2021, 29 years after his victim died in a Fair Bluff park.

Parole is considered for crimes committed before practice ended in 1994.

Kevin Hodgin.