Negro Witch Drives Wrong Way on Road and Kills White Man in Head-On Collision

June 24, 2015

William Sharpless was killed by the demented Negress when she drove straight into him causing a head-on collision.

A woman was arrested in connection to a fatal car crash last year in Delaware County.

Crest Wood, 31, of the Bronx, was taken into custody Friday morning by Bronx County sheriff’s deputies and then transported to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.

She was charged with manslaughter in the second degree, criminally negligent homicide, both felonies and reckless driving, an unclassified misdemeanor.

Crest WOOD
Crest Wood has been charged with criminally negligent homicide.

A county court warrant was issued for Wood’s arrest earlier this month after she was indicted by a Delaware County Grand Jury.

Deputies say on Aug. 21, 2014, Wood is accused of driving the wrong way on Cat Hollow Road in the town of Colchester. Deputies say she collided head-on with William Sharpless, 48, of Nineveh, causing his death.

On Friday morning, Wood was taken to the Delaware County Jail in lieu of $3,000 cash bail pending further court action.

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