Negro Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charge After Killing White Truck Driver

Fox 23
June 20, 2015

Robert Horton was shot dead by wild beasts intent on robbing him.

Quick Facts:

  • Robert Horton shot and killed in 2013
  • Three men charged in his death
  • All three now sentenced in connection to crime

A man charged with murdering a Papa John’s truck driver pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Damian Anderson pleaded guilty to accessory to murder in the death of Robert Horton in Tulsa two years ago.

Damian Anderson joins three other savages in being sentenced for the killing.

Anderson was facing between 5 and 45 years in prison, but Monday his attorney and the State of Oklahoma came to an agreement, and he pleaded to 20 years in doc.

Anderson testified against Frankie Jackson last week.

On Friday a jury found Jackson, guilty of felony murder for the death of Horton. In August, Jermain Savory pleaded guilty to that crime.

Anderson’s attorney told FOX23 his client is pleased with the outcome.

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