Negro Murders Mentally Retarded Coalburner Girlfriend

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2018

Gary Perkins.

I think that this is one of the few cases you could claim the burner didn’t know any better.

You can’t blame her for being retarded.

Delaware Online:

A 37-year-old convicted of stabbing his 29-year-old girlfriend to death will spend his life behind bars in a case that followed her bloody body being found on a Canby Park playground slide in Wilmington in 2015.

Gary Perkins was sentenced to life in prison plus 36 years March 16 by a Superior Court, the Delaware Department of Justice announced Friday.

The victim, Jamie Murphy, was found bloodied with numerous stab wounds, lying at the top of a slide in the Canby Park playground in July 2015.

Murphy, who was mentally disabled, met Perkins, homeless at the time of the killing, at a bus stop near the house where she grew up, according to Murphy’s family.

Jamie Murphy.