Negro Felon League Week 3: Tackling the Quarterback is Illegal Now!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2018

Not only is the Negro Felon League still filled with Negro felons, but White linebackers are no longer allowed to tackle the opposing team’s quarterback! It’s no wonder why there’s so many empty seats!

Week 3 of the Negro Felon League season has come and gone. As expected, there were lots of empty seats!

The game pitting the Los Angeles Chargers against the Los Angeles Rams had huge numbers of empty seats. Even though the league is plunging deeper into the abyss, one would think that the fan base for two teams located in a single city would be enough to fill a stadium. No such luck!

The league’s management was stupid to move two teams into a single market. It served no tangible purpose and it especially angered fans living in San Diego. That’s because the Los Angeles Chargers were formally the San Diego Chargers. The move has left the city without an NFL team which has pissed off a large number of sports fans.

Some of them were so mad about the situation that they actually pooled their resources together to pay for stadium flyovers with banners demanding the franchise be brought back to San Diego.

Even though it is ridiculous that these people are paying good money to protest the move of a nigger ball team, it is unquestionably another factor contributing to the empty seat phenomenon.

Los Angeles wasn’t the only place with empty seats though. Several games throughout the league had similar problems. The pictures don’t lie!

While it is true that much of this is due to the national anthem protests and the rampant niggerism from many of the league’s players, the sport itself is becoming increasingly soft. The league front office is trying to turn what is supposed to be a rough sport played by tough men into a ballet.

For some reason, it is illegal to tackle the quarterback now. I’m not even joking.

Clay Matthews, a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, keeps getting penalized for tackling the quarterback!

I mean, have you ever heard of anybody tackling somebody without any hands? I sure as hell haven’t!

There’s been widespread fan backlash over this. Even mainstream sports commentators don’t get what’s going on.

But the fans definitely have a point. What sort of pussy ass faggot bullshit is this any way? Why not just make the quarterback wear a skirt?

If Dick Butkus were playing today the league office would be fining the man a million dollars a year.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough for the league, they were forced to shut down the NFL Experience in New York City for financial reasons!

SGB Online:

The Times Square-based NFL Experience—a 40,000-square-foot attraction featuring a 4-D roller-coaster theater—is closing doors on September 30 after being open for just 10 months, according to the New York Post. The project—a joint venture between the NFL and Cirque du Soleil—was not able to meet its financial goals.

“Despite our team’s dedicated efforts, we were simply unsuccessful at meeting the financial goals,” a Cirque du Soleil spokesperson told the newspaper. The Post article noted that high ticket prices ($37 for adults, $29 for children) and a lack of marketing could have played a role in the closure.

The league is becoming a bigger joke every week. At this rate, it is going to become an embarrassing thing for people to admit that they watch this god awful shit!

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