Negro Captain America Takes on Right-Wing Conservatives Against Illegal Immigration in New Comic Book

Info Stormer
October 26, 2015

A Negro Captain America is being used to push anti-White propaganda in comic books.

Awhile back it was announced that Marvel was going to be turning the White Captain America comic book hero into a Negro.  Now the first comic book featuring the new Negro Captain America has come out.  As expected it is nothing but a cesspit of anti-White propaganda.

Guess who Captain America takes on as his primary nemesis?  He takes on a group of right-wing conservatives who oppose illegal immigration.  That’s right folks.  People who oppose hordes of illegal alien invaders coming into the country are actually portrayed as evil in this new comic book.  The agenda doesn’t get much more obvious does it?

Washington Times:

In the latest issue of Marvel’s revamped Captain America, the iconic superhero takes on a group of right-wing conservatives trying to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border.

In “Captain America: Sam Wilson #1,” the superhero also known as Sam Wilson heads to the border to take on an “evil” militia group known as the Sons of the Serpent, who are patrolling the area between Mexico and Arizona, according to a video summary of the issue created by the MacIver Institute.

The Sons of the Serpent try to stop a group of illegal immigrants from crossing the border. They accuse the immigrants of invading a sovereign land to spread disease and crime, take American jobs and collect welfare — staples of the conservative case against illegal immigration.

This should not be a surprise considering that Marvel is owned by Disney which is run by the Jew Bob Iger.  Of course many of these comic book characters including Captain America were originally created by Jews in the 1940s and 1950s.  Jacob Kirby aka Jacob Kurtzberg and Stan Lee aka Stanley Lieber are two Jews who were heavily involved in coming up with many of these superhero characters.  Specifically, Kurtzberg came up with the original Captain America character.  This new Negro iteration of Captain America is just a more heavily Jewed over version of the original concept.

I honestly never understood the appeal of comic books and these superhero characters to begin with.  They always struck me as weirdly nerdy and gay.  The fact that they are now using them to more aggressively push anti-White themes is even more of a reason to boycott this Jewish garbage.

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