Nancy Pelosi Must End Foreign Aid to Israel Because of Their Immoral Border Walls

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2019

Nancy Pelosi recently informed the world that walls are an “immorality.” If walls are an “immorality” as she says, both she and the Democrat Party must work to immediately end any and all foreign aid to Israel. If they fail to do this, they will prove once again that they are the most unprincipled hypocrites imaginable.

Israel has set up a complex border wall system to racially segregate Jews and Palestinians. Pelosi most certainly must consider this an extreme “immorality.” Just look at how huge these immoral walls are!

There is also an elaborate barrier system separating Israel from Egypt. The Jews set up this fencing to prevent Africans from coming into Israel. Once again, we must assume that Pelosi views this as another “immorality” as it serves the same purpose as a wall.

On top of that, Israel recently completed a segregated road system in which there is one set of lanes for Jews and another set of lanes for Palestinians. A big wall separates the roads. Since she views walls as an “immorality” we must assume that Pelosi views this as yet another “immorality.”

If walls are an “immorality” then Israel itself is an “immorality” considering all of the walls and fences they have built to racially divide people. How can Pelosi or any other Democrat support giving billions of dollars to a bunch of Jews in the Middle East when they have all of these immoral walls?

It is time for Pelosi and the Democrat Party to step up and call for an immediate suspension of foreign aid to Israel. Economic sanctions should also be applied against Israel until they tear down all of these highly immoral and offensive border walls. Israel should be building bridges but all they want to do is build walls. Their intolerant and hateful behavior must not be rewarded in any way shape or form.