Naive Texas Woman Pleads to President for Help on Twitter, Loses Teaching Job, Labeled a Racist

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2019

The most maddening part about the whole Trump presidency is how one-sided the love seems to be.

People who show their support for their president are hounded, censored, attacked and fired from their jobs. They get nothing for their support of Trump. The only reason why a person would even support him is that they are idealistic and patriotic or they are desperate and out of options.

These people get burned time and time again when they put their beliefs on the line.

And because of his big, bloated Boomer ego, Blognald Drungh doesn’t seem to realize that people aren’t wearing his hats because they think he’s a swell guy, but because these people think he is out there fighting for them and fighting for America.

It really hurts to see these very simple-minded people’s naïveté get punished again and again and again with no repercussions.


A teacher at a school in Fort Worth, Texas, is reportedly on paid administrative leave as district officials probe a series of anti-illegal immigration tweets sent to President Donald Trump from a Twitter account allegedly linked to her.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, English teacher Georgia Clark of the Carter-Riverside High School, where the student population is 87.5 percent Hispanic, is believed to be behind the now-deleted @rebecaa1939 Twitter account in question.

Screenshots of the messages are circulating on social media. In one of the tweets, the account pleads with Trump for help: “I do not know what to do. Anything you can do to remove the illegals from Fort Worth would be greatly appreciated. My phone number is [XXX-XXX-XXXX] and my cell is [XXX-XXX-XXXX]. Georgia Clark is my real name. Thank you.”




Just imagine the sweet summer innocence of this woman.


She actually @’d the President asking him to personally intervene in her school district, and revealed her name and her contact info so that he could get in touch with her…

It’s like reading a letter from a child writing to the Make a Wish foundation.

Another tweet reads: “Mr. President, Fort Worth Independent School District is loaded with illegal students from Mexico. Carter-Riverside High School has been taken over by them. Drug dealers are on our campus and nothing was done to them when the drug dogs found the evidence.”

This part is interesting:

She also allegedly wrote in a tweet: “I contacted the feds here in Fort Worth a few months ago and the person I spoke with did not want to help me or even listen to me. The campus police officer spends his time texting on his cell phone and doing the bidding of Jennifer Orona, Hispanic assistant.”

Coppers absolutely useless confirmed.

The worst part is that it was Trump’s election that led to this school adopting a more open-minded policy in the first place.

The Star-Telegram reported that after Trump took office in 2017, Fort Worth school trustees voted in favor of a resolution that vowed to create a “welcoming and safe” district for all of its students regardless of their immigration status.

There is potential for First Amendment issues to arise. In guidance for school officials, The Texas Association of School Boards notes that employees “do not shed their First Amendment rights at the schoolhouse gates.”

But some speech does fall under the control of the district if it relates to an employee’s job, and is therefore not protected by the First Amendment. 

Libshit-controlled civil society took a hard lurch to the Left the day that Trump was elected.

This was their wake-up call. And instead of coming down on them like a ton of bricks, Trump just shrugged and went about stuffing his cabinet with corrupt Jews and watching the Gorilla Channel. We are in a worse position now than we were before Trump because the Left got a green light to go wild and no one is standing up to them.

We wanted this:

But we got this:

This woman (who will no doubt be fired) is just another person in a long line of people who got personally burned for their support of Trump and got NOTHING out of it.

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  1. They orange presidential potato (sweet potato) will do nothing for this woman, she isn’t jewish for one, not very attractive for another. She might as well go plead to a wall.

  2. I have a feeling that Trump has no idea this type of shit is going on in the country. Trump probably only sees what his boss, Jared Kushner, allows him to see.

  3. Goddamn, man. That woman threw a hail Mary for real. I cant imagine how dogshit her situation is to feel the need to do that. Its depressing. She screams up at him for help, and he looks down and whispers “no”.



  5. Poor lady, her heart was on the US side of the border; her head was on the Mexican side. Smdh.

  6. >Wear his shit
    >Get a flag pole broken over the top of your head
    >Get absolutely nothing from the president

    Why do people still support Drumpf

  7. We are betrayed on all sides.

    Companies we bleed for betray us.
    Politicians we donate to betray us.
    Cops and soldiers we trust betray us.

    We are hated slaves.

  8. Jews have a very distinctive psychology. Blacks have a very distinctive psychology. And whites have a very distinctive racial psychology. We are not part from nature; we have pronounced traits and vulnerabilities too.

    What Georgia Clark did was very white. She was idealistic, and trusting, and willing to risk everything for the sake of doing what was right. She trusted the leader, and told him the truth that he needed to hear if he was to act effectively, on the assumption that he too was idealistic and wanted to do what was right.

    This psychology would be a tremendous strength for whites in a healthy society. In a healthy white society, it is absolutely not a matter of the smart, superior people dragging their inferiors along. It is a matter of everyone pulling together, the smart and the dumb alike. A healthy, intelligent white ruling class that knows the worth of a good heart and that understands that more can be accomplished by harnessing a willing people to good ideas than can be accomplished by exploiting the suckers can do things that leave the rest of the world in the dust.

    It’s these characteristics of trusting, guileless support for legitimate authorities and self-sacrificing idealism that could save our race, the white race, almost in a flash, if we we had the proper leadership.

  9. This, and the rest of your posts in this thread, are frankly disgusting. Chortling and snickering over your people being fucked over by this slimy con man.

    This is exactly what MAGA would look like if it were actually working. When some forthright, innocent, loyal person sees their school being ruined by hordes of spics, and the police are in cahoots with the drug dealers and invaders, they SHOULD try to appeal to the leader who promised to be on their side against the corruption of the Deep State.

    This woman thinks that Trump actually wants to help the American people and that he is working with them to save the future of our children, like she’s trying to. Only a heart of stone or other, less noble materials would be unmoved.

    Unfortunately for her, the heart of Trump is festering, diseased shit.

    And you’re here mocking her for being a loyal American and for believing in the honor and probity of the man you support.

    “Hur hur, that’ll serve her right for trusting her president! Bwahahahahaha! What a maroon, thinking he has any obligation to his own people! I love Trump, you guys are just a bunch of leftists because you don’t worship treacherous slimeballs who openly betray the honest, good-hearted people who support them! There’s nothing I like more than seeing naive honesty being thrown to the wolves by someone they trusted!”


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