Moslem Woman Joins Army, Sues Over Hijab Misunderstanding

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2019

Q: What exactly is the military supposed to do?

A: Well, protect and advance the interests of the nation, of course.

Q: And what are the national interests of America? Does such a thing even exist? How can you have national interests when you have so many nationalities all living together?

A: Silly goy. America isn’t a nation. America is a business.

The military exists only to buy weapons and then lose them, only to turn around and buy more from weapons manufacturers to keep people employed and voting for representatives who will secure further arms deals. Combat efficiency, the ability to protect America’s borders and all that other stuff you’d think a military should focus on… well, it’s just not a priority.

This is why stories like this happen.

The Hill:

A Muslim soldier said she is preparing to sue the U.S. Army after her command sergeant major allegedly forced her to remove her hijab in front of others.

Sgt. Cesilia Valdovinos, a member the 704th Brigade Support Battalion who converted to Islam in 2016, told Yahoo! in a recent interview that her brigade commander, Col. David Zinn, granted her permission in June to wear a hijab while in uniform.

But Valdovinos told the publication that from that time forward, she experienced “extremely hateful” behavior because of her religion.

“I got called a ‘terrorist.’ I got called ‘ISIS.’ I hear comments that I’m the reason why 9/11 happened,” Valdovinos told Yahoo!. “There’s a lot of anger and animosity.”

Gee, I wonder why.

Niggers didn’t do 9/11, never 4get.

This She-Moslem clearly went into the army with the express intention of suing eventually.

Valdovinos said she filed a complaint with the military’s Equal Opportunity Office last month, however, after her command sergeant major allegedly pulled her out of rank and ordered her to remove her head covering in front of her colleagues.

“I felt embarrassed and religiously raped in a sense,” Valdovinos said in an email to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), a nonprofit advocacy organization that is currently representing her, according to Yahoo!.

“My religious preference is only to unveil in front of my husband in the comfort of my own home,” she continued.

With the help of MRFF, Valdovinos reportedly filed an official complaint with the Military Equal Opportunity Office (MEO) over the incident shortly thereafter.


Wait a sec here…

Valdovinos = wrong kind of brown person. 

This chick seems to be a Mexican convert.

Has the US Army system become like the US prison system – a Moslem recruitment and conversion center?

In the complaint, Valdovinos reportedly alleges she was removed from her post as a “culinary arts specialist” because of her “religious preference to not handle pork” and claims she was referred to as “the girl with the hood” by her sergeant, among a number of other incidents, according to Yahoo.

Though her MEO complaint was reportedly found to be “unsubstantiated,” Valdovinos told the publication she now intends to take legal action against the U.S. Army for infringing upon her First Amendment rights by violating her freedom of religion. 

And now the lawyers get their cut as well.

Everyone is making money and everyone is happy.

The system chugs along, fulfilling its real mission – to fleece the White working class and train a Janissary force to fight wars for Israel in the Middle East and suppress the rebellion brewing at home, eventually. Furthermore, if the Army allows this lawsuit to go through and awards her the money, they get to prove how tolerant and PC and non-scary the military has become!

Promotions all around! 

Everyone is happy with this system, which is why this system continues to chug along.

White kids get to play soldier. Brown people get their gibs. Jews get their cannon-fodder. Officers get their promotions. And Boomers get off on clapping at the airports.

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