Moslem Peace Rally Draws More Journalists Than Moslems

Lauritz Von Guildhausen
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2017

Where’s Waleed?

A “large-scale” peace march of Moslems against terrorism ended in fiasco this Saturday, as the Cologne-based event failed to draw even a thousand people. Though originally planned for several thousand participants, only 300 showed up after the terrorist NGO, the “Turkish-Islamic Union Ditib,” boycotted the event, stating that Moslem antiterrorism “stigmatized Moslems.” Presumably in the same way that bans on predatory lending stigmatizes kikes.

The resulting farce ended up with a massive overweight of sympathizing left-wing retards who held placards and banners that read:

“We say NO to right-wing extremism, racism, anti-Semitism, Salafism/Sharia police and Islamophobia,”“We want peace” and “Muslims want to live in peace with Christians” as well as “Muslims are not to blame” and “Hate turns Earth into hell.”

Their posters say no, but their eyes say “Filthy Kuffar.”

At one stage, the ratio of journalists to demonstrators got so bad that even (((SPD))) politicians commented on the rally:

“I find it regrettable that more journalists and police officers arrived today than demonstrators.”

For those of you not in the know, the (((SPD))) is currently headed by the former president of the European parliament and walking Wyatt Mann caricature, Martin Schulz, so when they call something a failure you know it’s bad.

“hard and fast, or slow and steady?” – SPD 2017 Election slogan

To pivot back to the lacking turnout, the problem is not that Moslems are unable to organize good numbers for street demonstrations, as witnessed by the 30,000 strong Pro-Erdogan rally held in the same location in 2016. The problem is that they do not give a single fuck about dead white people.

As always, the anti-white sentiment is pretty obvious to anyone not under the Jewish spell, but it is still fun to see liberals faceplant like this. Feel free to mock them relentlessly.