More Amazon Strikes! Workers at Fulfillment Center Not Feeling Fulfilled!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2019

More bad news for Amazon.

People are getting fed up with Jeff Bezos’ work camps.


As millions of people take advantage of sales on Amazon’s Prime Day, some employees and activists will use the two-day event to complain about how the company treats workers.

Employees at an Amazon fulfillment center in Shakopee, Minn., plan to walk off the job Monday during the last 3 hours of the day shift and the first 3 hours of the night shift. They say although Amazon has raised hourly wages to $16 to $20 — more than double the federal minimum — the company sets unrealistic expectations and quotas.

“They try to get someone to work as hard as you can under the threat of being fired,” two-year employee Tyler Hamilton told CBS News. “As much as they can, they figure out ways to collect data and measure work.”

Employees also complain of unsafe work conditions, lack of communication from supervisors and an over-reliance on temporary workers.

“We’re forced to work like machines,” Hibaq Mohamed told Forbes. “I see it as abuse.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking right now, and yes, fuck this sandnibba to hell. I hope the Amazon guards give him a few extra shocks from his collar tomorrow.

But let’s not ruin a good thing here, lads!

The Mutant Army rising up to overthrow a CEO who looks like a less photogenic Dr. Evil is every liberal’s wet dream and I say we let them have their day with ol’ Bezos.

Jeff should have thrown his lot in with the Neon-Right, not the Clown-Left. Because honestly, we’re much more chill and forgiving. We’d have even gotten him his $38 billion back by instituting White Sharia and shaking down his whore ex-wife for him if he would have agreed to give all of our readers free Amazon Prime.

He had so much to gain by siding with us.

But, alas, he chose to same-day ship the rope to the Communists that will soon hang him on it.

Working conditions aren’t the only subject of unrest among Amazon employees. Some in New York City plan to demonstrate outside owner Jeff Bezos’ Manhattan condominium Monday, after it was reported the company will provide facial recognition software to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Dozens protested Sunday outside an Amazon center and ICE detention facility in New Jersey and another was set for Amazon’s San Francisco office Monday.

“We’re coming together to say it has to stop,” Jobs With Justice, San Francisco Executive Director Kung Feng told KPIX-TV. “[Amazon is] using its technology to facilitate the targeting, the detention and the deportation and separation of families.”

You tried to have it both ways, Jeff. That was your mistake. Now you’re in trouble. Now, no one likes you and the Communists have even managed to get the sandnibba scabs you hired to work in your warehouses all riled up as well.

Everyone hates you now, Jeff.

Your wife, your lover, your employees, the Left, the Right, the sand-people and the bean-people and the crime-people and maybe even the Jews.

All of them want to see bad things happen to you, Jeff.

Repent for the end is nigh!

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