Moon Cricket Found Guilty of Murdering 82-Year-Old Indianapolis Man

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2019

Damoine Wilcoxson.

According to an earlier report on this crime, the negro left threatening notes at the scene of the shooting.

One of them read “white must die.”

Strangely, though, he doesn’t seem to have been accused of a “hate crime”…


An Indianapolis man has been found guilty in a 2016 murder that shocked suburban Zionsville.

Evidence showed 23-year-old Damoine Wilcoxson shot and killed 82-year-old John Clements of Zionsville.

Boone County Superior Court Judge Matthew Kincaid issued the verdict at the conclusion of a bench trial.

In what investigators said was a random act of violence, Clements was gunned down in the middle of the day as he walked to his mailbox.

“The Clements family and the Town of Zionsville were rocked by the senseless broad daylight shooting of Mr. Clements,” said Boone County Prosecutor Kent Eastwood. “Hopefully, this verdict will help heal this heartbreaking loss.”

Wilcoxson will be sentenced in Boone County on March 22.

John Clements.