Montana State University Employee Scott Kelley Ernest Using School Resources to Attack Protected Speech!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 19, 2016

Okay, so I’m going to be a day late on the new list of targets in Whitefish. I’ll have it in the morning, so get your phone and your talking voice ready.

But until then – why not hit this guy up?

We’ve been getting a whole lot of harassment since we started the campaign against Tanya Gersh and the Jewish terrorist network called “Love Lives Here” in Whitefish, Montana.

Our web host recently received this notice from a Mr. Scott Kelley Ernest:

Mr. Ernest is using school resources to hunt down people people whose politics he disagrees with and have their freedoms shut down.

Harassing private individuals using school resources is a big no-no.

You should contact his office.

His numbers are:

(863) 529-8904

(406) 212-0346

His email is

More importantly – contact his boss and ask them if they are okay with employees using school resources to shut down people’s protected free speech.

He’s at the College of Education, Health and Human Development.

Main phone numbers:

Tel: (406) 994-4133
Fax: (406) 994-1854

Dean/Assistant Dean Emails:

Dr. Alison Harmon
Dean (Interim) of the College:

Kayte Kaminski
Assistant Dean/
Director of Student Success:

Ask that he be fired for using school resources to try and end freedom.

Who is Scott Kelley Ernest?

Well, he seems to be a real sick son of a bitch.

Have you seen this picture of him?

Believe it or not (you’re about to believe it) he looks even more like a child predator without the beard.

Maybe instead of harassing people on the internet, he needs to get some exercise?

Or at least read a book about food?

Scott Kelley Ernest claims on a Medium post to be a “former white nationalist.”

Looking at his disqus profile, he’s also a homosexual, a libertarian and a reader of the SPLC blog “Hatewatch.”

He appears to have found out about us on an article on, where he commented.

Nah, scratch that. He commented on an article on us on the SPLC’s site back in November.

Here’s some more information about him and ways to contact him from his Facebook page:

Heathen – Treehugger – Nutrition & Community Health Student – Artisan – Gamer – Headbanger

Sole Proprietorship at Montana Sasquatch

Former DSL Tech Support at Convergys

Former Travel Agent at 800 Travel Systems

Former CSR at TeleTech

Former ER Registration/Admitting at Winter Haven Hospital

Former Security Supervisor at Security Alliance

Studies Community Health at Montana State University

Studied General Studies at Flathead Valley Community College

Studied Health Information Management at Polk State College

Studied Blackjack at Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending

Went to Cabrillo Senior High

Lives in Bozeman, Montana

From Flint, Michigan

Kik: WaesHael.

Snapchat: WaesHael.

Steam: WaesHael.

Gamertag: WaesHael

These are his other names:

Mjodr Gregorisson



Blood and Mead

Blood and Honey




He appears to have left white nationalism by getting into paganism, which led him to gay sex, libertarianism and obesity.

I’m Just Going to Start Doing This

You know, I’ve always gotten these complaints. Not really ever done anything with it because hey, who cares right?

But from now on, I’m going to start publishing it.

Not all of the offenders are as goofy as this kook – an actual obese homosexual neo-pagan SPLC supporter gamer using a school account to harass us – but I’m going all out on all these people.

We’re doing a Tanya Gersh on anyone who comes at us from now on.

Here, I just got this email:

Eric Johnson ( threatening my family because I protested a Jewish racketeering operation.

This is ridiculous. I get this stuff every day, all day long.

Anyway, I won’t be publishing all the hate mail I get. That was just an example, because I just now saw it.

But anyone who comes at us like this fat pervert did – we’re going to war.

We need to make it clear to all of these people that there are consequences for messing with us. We are not a bunch of babies to be kicked around. We will take revenge. And we will do it now.

Later – later comes something much, much worse.

But that comes later.

Right now, you’re getting fired, losing your businesses and so on.

We have to do this.

It’s bigger than one individual.

It will make these people back off.

We are also going to push for the Trump administration to audit and investigate the SPLC and ADL. This is going to be one of my own prime agendas for the Trump administration. Once those particular kikes are out of our way, we’ve entered a whole new world, because we’re then going to have money.