Monkey in a Suit Found Guilty of Slaying White Police Officer

Q13 Fox
June 20, 2015

Timothy Brenton was shot and killed by a Black ‘domestic terrorist’

Christopher Monfort has been found guilty of killing a Seattle police officer on Halloween night in 2009.

Superior Court jurors reached a unanimous verdict Thursday in the trial of Christopher Monfort, who pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to charges, including aggravated murder, in the shooting of Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton.

The decision was announced Friday morning. The jury will decide between life in prison or the death penalty. The penalty phase of the trial begins on June 16. If no mitigating factors are found, he will be sentenced to death.

Monfort has also been found guilty attempted murder and arson. He was found not guilty on another attempted murder charge.

Christopher Monfort is claiming not guilty due to insanity.

Monfort showed little emotion as the verdict was read. However, upon leaving the courtroom, Monfort apologized to the family of Timothy Brenton.

“I’m sorry for the family loss and the mother and the children,” Monfort said.

The jury got the case Monday after four months of testimony.

The Seattle Times says jurors asked for copies of a report by a defense psychologist, for doctor’s notes from Monfort interviews and for a psychiatric evaluation of Monfort.

The defense claims Monfort is delusional and believed his actions were a way to end police brutality. Prosecutors say he is sane and aware his actions were wrong.

Monfort was wounded by police about a week after the shooting during his arrest in Tukwila. He is paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair.

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