Monkey Coach with AIDS Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Male Students

Daily Stormer
July 7, 2017

Jews want creatures like this around your kids, and you’re letting that happen

When I first read the title of this story, I was sorta hopeful. I thought this was a case of a nigger giving an incurable illness to other niggers, which is basically the only good thing a nigger can do with it’s life other than suicide. Then I checked the demographics of the high-school this sub-human “taught” at:



A former Charles County Public School instructional assistant and coach, who told police he is HIV positive, has been arrested for production of child porn and three counts of second-degree assault.

Carlos Deangelo Bell, 30, worked as an instructional assistant at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School in Waldorf and as a track coach at La Plata High School. Police say he also worked at JP Ryon Elementary in Waldorf and McDonough HS in Pomfret.

What exactly did this monkey have that so many schools thought was important? Was it not being called “racist”? Is that it?

“If you don’t think I’ve asked myself thousands of times, since learning, you’re wrong. It is devastating to us that something like this could take place in a classroom – in a school building where adults are charged with taking care of children,” said Charles Co. Superintendent Kim Hill in a press conference, Monday.

Police believe Bell sexually abused several males on school property, at his home, and possibly other locations.

Yeah, but did anyone imply that someone at some point was mean to someone because they hated the color of their skin? That’s the question we really have to answer right now. If that didn’t happen, then we should consider this a victory, especially since having HIV gives like 7 extra points on the oppression chart.

Charles Co. Sheriff’s Office say as many as 10 middle school students were assaulted, seven were identified from videos, and they are actively searching for more victims.

“So far, we are aware of 7 victims. Sadly, there may be more cases that we are not aware of at this time.”

Assaulted? Really? In current year, you can still say homophobic things like this and not get arrested? SDMH

According to police, detectives started investigating Bell in December after a tip of possible inappropriate behavior with a student while coaching tack.

“A parent observed suspicious text messages on a child’s phone that were sexual in nature,” Sheriff Troy Berry said.

You didn’t get “suspicious” when you saw a creature with skin like shit and hair like pubes around your kid?

Wasn’t that enough to make you “suspicious”?

Detectives searched Bell’s home, where they found a home computer and other electronics, and the Maryland State Police Crime Lab found data linking Bell to production of child porn.

“Some of the evidence found included graphic images of Bell sexually assaulting victims” Sheriff Berry said.

But did you fascists ask the kids in the images if they consented or not? Because if the did then it’s ok, and saying otherwise is adultism, and adultism is frowned upon in fancy cafes in Sweden.

A special phone line was set up for this case, 1-800-CALL-FBI.



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  1. The vibrancy Rep Yo Set story of the day!

    Coulda only been more RYS if Monkeycoach was an illegal.

  2. I hate how people like the parents in this story always assume that niggers are normal people too. It’s funny and pathetic at the same time because if the coach is a diseased jungle savage everyone wants to give him a chance, but if they thought the coach was a WN they would be calling the school board, the news, and the fucking police. lol!

  3. Sisu says:

    Let’s go “olt skool” on this one:

    Unfortunately this probably involves white kids as niggers would never rat on another nigger. Besides, niggers usually don’t have parent(s) to begin with.

  4. Texan says:

    A nigger with AIDS, can’t believe it. They are so clean and hygienic.

  5. Best poll of the day.

    I know right? Our kids don’t need healthy male role models they can relate to and rely on. I was a complete jackass when I was 13. The ONLY thing that saved my ass was the high school football coach who did all the spanking for junior high students. I did not want to make a bad impression on him; no matter what. The principle allowed me ONE pass…on a one time basis; I never challenged it again.

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