Missouri Governor Forced to Resign Because of His Email List or Something

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 30, 2018

This is a political execution.

I mean, when you start talking about email lists, you’ve got a situation where you are just trying to bury someone for anything you can find.


Embattled Missouri Governor Eric Greitens announced on Tuesday he will resign over the scandals that have dominated his tenure.

The Republican governor has been embroiled in controversy after facing accusations of sexual misconduct and misusing a charity donor list. In recent months, Greitens had been indicted on a felony computer-tampering charge related to the donor list and on a felony invasion of privacy charge, though that charge was dropped earlier this month.

In a statement released shortly after Greitens announced his resignation, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner said, “a fair and just resolution” of pending charges against the governor has been reached and that additional information regarding the resolution would be released on Wednesday.

Greitens did not admit to legal wrongdoing during a press conference where he announced his resignation, saying that while he is “not perfect,” he has “not broken any laws, nor committed any offense worthy of this treatment.”

Greitens indicated, though, that the scrutiny he faces had become too intense to continue on as governor.

“This ordeal has been designed to cause an incredible amount of strain on my family,” he said. “Millions of dollars of mounting legal bills, endless personal attacks designed to cause maximum damage to family and friends. Legal harassment of colleagues, friends and campaign workers and it’s clear that for the forces that oppose us, there is no end in sight. I cannot allow those forces to continue to cause pain and difficulty to the people that I love.”

The resignation will take effect at 5 p.m. on Friday, Greitens said.

A governor being forced to resign over misuse of an email list is nuts.

This comes just hours after a GOP Congressman was forced to resign for… telling a member of his staff to feed his dog.

The Jews now view the GOP as the white party. And they are afraid of that. They are now just attacking any elected GOP official – particularly those linked to Trump – in any way they can think of.

Greitens was actually #NeverTrump before the election. He went apeshit over pussygate.

So it’s even cucks they’re going after.

(Although him being young, handsome, a vet and ambitious scared them I’m sure, even if he was a cuck.)

Stuff that would have been laughed at before is being pulled out. And there is no doubt blackmail and threats behind the scenes.

They are going all out.

And they’re going to lose in November, which is going to make them even more desperate.

Things are going to get weird.

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