MILO’s Having a Rough Day

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2018

Milo – who is still around, remarkably – well, he has some choice words to share with his supporters.

Some thoughts on this.

My first instinct is to just be like, “lol fag!”


But alright, let’s give him a fair shake. Was he really as influential as he claimed?

I seriously doubt it. 

He did get some young students interested in Alt-Lite ideas because these kids were coming out to his events. Events that were getting shut down by Antifa. Credit where credit is due, that was good shit. He provoked Antifa, got them to lash out and many normies suddenly realized that there was a radical communist, terrorist anti-White organization at work in the US. It also led directly to the Alt-Right mustering it’s fighters to brawl with Antifa on the streets. It cost us a lot in retrospect.

And he kept making headlines for a while with his online antics and the article he had ghost-written on Breitbart about the Alt-Right.

Of course, this article was rife with exaggerations, misinterpretations and was just a blatant Boomer Bannon attempt to subvert the rising nationalist feelings of a people aggrieved and channel it into something more milquetoast and kosher. Bannon – who we now know is a dumb and arrogant man – exchanged a bunch of cringy emails with Milo that got leaked, bragging about how his pet gay Jew protege (Milo might not actually be Jewish) was going to totally own de liberals.

It was peak Boomerism.

The article did get a lot of traction though, and it did get a lot of people interested in this movement called “the Alt-Right,” but it was a sleight of hand. Milo tried to make the Alt-Right all about young, fun, metrosexual libertarianism with a sprinkling of anti-Islam sentiment and some mildly amusing gimmicks like, “feminism is cancer.”

Some of these people ended up coming round to the actual Alt-Right – that is, to actual Nationalist positions. But I don’t know how many. None of us do. But I haven’t really ever heard anyone say, I was really into Milo and that’s how I got into the movement. It could be just that the shame of admitting that you liked what a flaming faggot had to say once you become red-pilled is too great and people stay mum, but I’m not sure. I think that the kind of people attracted to Milo’s message just weren’t ever really going to take the next step.

Think about how many people in the Alt-Right talk about their Libertarian phase. Few talk about their Milo phase.

But Milo certainly made a splash – at least in the beginning. However, as time went on, he kept doing shit to push away the people who were willing to give him a fair shake – natural conservatives.

And it’s strange that he mentions his dire financial predicament. He used to love going in front of poor, working-class crowds and preening about how much money he spent on his suit, how well he was doing financially, and trying to convince the crowd that he was a millionaire.

Skip to 4.30 if the timestamp doesn’t work. 

I don’t know what happened since the #DayForFreedom where he bragged about being a millionaire and buying Lamborghinis.

I guess he shouldn’t have spent 4,000 pounds on a vanity suit.

Could that have anything to do with his financial predicament? And secondly, could his crass-tone deaf bragging have turned people off?

Who knows.

But really, I think that the answer is much more straight-forward.

No one wants to risk life and limb to hear some effete twink up on stage giving a pretty meh speech. He’s had three years to speak his mind. Mostly, he’s finished doing that. People heard him out. “Feminism is cancer.” Roger that, read you loud and clear. Got anything else? Oh, gay butt sex with a nigger. Right. And some pedo priest rape shit sprinkled in there as well? Nice. Well, good luck with all that, Milo. Good luck with all that…

The funny thing is that I’m pretty sure that Milo is straight-up 88.

His password, when it was revealed during the leak was “LongKnives1290,” which is the year that the Jews were expelled from England. And also, some people who spent time with him on his tour bus revealed that he liked drugs, black men and Hitler.

Which doesn’t surprise me at all.

Lots of gay men love the taboo. They also love the masculine element behind Nazi Germany. Oh and they like imagery of good-looking young men with boyish youth cuts working out on old propaganda reels. The spiffy Hugo Boss outfits help as well.

But who is Milo supposed to be appealing to now?

Twinks for Trump? 

It’s over for Milo.

He doesn’t have a dedicated audience anymore.

His message isn’t fresh.

And his war chest is running low.

That being said, people have said, “Milo is done” too many times and were wrong every single time. He may yet make a comeback, who knows lol.

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