Millennials Are Set to Become the World’s Fattest Generation – PUT THEM IN CAMPS

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2018

This is some scary shit. A generation of fat hog-women and chubby-cheeked hamster men isn’t going to be able to reproduce or fight.


Millennials are on course to become the fattest generation on record. A staggering three-quarters of ‘Generation Y’ will be obese or overweight by the age of 40.

Despite fad diets and Instagram health stars shooting to fame among the health-trend generation, the majority are actually putting themselves at serious risk, new figures show.

An over-indulgent culture has been blamed on the rising weight of people born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s. So much for the avocado trend sweeping the ‘food conscious’ age group which guzzles down quinoa. After tweeting about it.

LOL. The low-paid Millennial who wrote this obviously hates his own generation.

When I read the headline, I was sure that he was writing about the US, but it seems that he’s writing about the UK. Which means the problem is spreading.

The figures are horrifying. They are the result of successive governments paying only lip-service to tackling an obesity crisis which was already headlines 20 years ago,” said Tam Fry, from the National Obesity Forum, the Telegraph reports.


Health Survey for England figures, which have shocked health professionals, show 40 percent of those aged 16 to 24 are now overweight or obese. That’s along with 52 percent of those aged 25 to 34.

This is how the Jews want us to be. Too fucking fat and distracted to resist them.

I’m not even sure if these kids are Americans or Mexicans, but either way, it works to drive the point home.

The Jews don’t want boys to grow into wholesome men that look like this:

I don’t know how people can look around at society, especially at the Millennial generation and not think that something is going horribly wrong.

But its good for us.

We will win as a movement if we just promise young men that fat chicks will be abolished in the future ethnostate.

And the funny thing is that I’m sure mandatory fat camps will come to be beloved by the people. Because let’s be real, most people are too lazy to workout and keep a healthy diet on their own and desperately want to just be forced into becoming healthy by someone because they lack the willpower themselves.

Nowadays, they pay crazy amounts of money to hire black people to bark orders at them in the gym three times a week.

But with our plan, people will save a fortune, shed tons of pounds and dating will become possible again. It’s really a win-win-win any way you look at it.

So yeah, we should get on this stat. I’m thinking of opening up applications for Alt-Right Fat Camp PT instructor positions. Interested candidates would have to submit a 5 hundred word essay about how they’re committed to making White Chicks Thin Again and we can go from there.

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  1. Bon says:

    Why ZOG is pushing so hard for “fat acceptance” - it’s a two-fer - to normalize something obviously unhealthy and to cut Whites’ lives short.

    What ZOG’s television branch is pushing as desireable, sexy and normal:

  2. tfw They say fatness is genetic but race isn’t

  3. AUDE says:


  4. image

    this gives lots of hope, the young boys are getting the right info somewhere. She has noticed a massive change in the last two years. YES!

  5. You know what’s fun? Watching people your age (people you’ve known since college or earlier) explode in slow motion from healthy, attractive girls to land whales. It usually happens in about a three year period. It starts with an Instagram post where you say “Huh. Jessica looks like she might be gaining some weight.” 3 years later and now-28 year old Jessica is completely unfuckable.

    And why wouldn’t she just get fat? Most people in her social circle are also fat and it’s reinforced by outside influences (“Fat Acceptance”). I’ve become jaded; when I see a cute group of younger girls I pity their obliviousness to how fat and undersirable they’re going to be in the coming years. Better put down those artisan cupcakes and cut back on the local microbrews, ladies.

    It really has ruined the dating market. I mean, I don’t mind curves in the classic sense, and yeah, I can love someone for who they are, blah blah blah. But there’s a limit. And we have to be physically attracted to someone to even consider dating, marriage, and family.

    As I’ve stated before, the obesity epidemic has shifted the sexual marketplace to favor women to an absurd degree. The average woman is fat, so a woman who would have been a 3 decades ago due to her being overweight can now be a solid 5 because fat is the new average.

  6. I’m 50 years old but not a boomer so don’t pillow me.
    I have completely lost interest in even attempting to date I have a fat Friends with Benefits that comes over every once in awhile to get laid.
    I’m not proud of myself and if I’m not blind drunk and extremely horny I’m usually pretty disgusted with myself but in her defense she ain’t no bigger than any of the other hogs in the neighborhood to anyone’s question why don’t I get a thinner looking woman my answer would be
    IF A woman is even remotely attractive (under 200 lbs) She is such a snotty cunt it’s not worth the time.
    My fat Fwb has a disgusting fat slovenly bitch butterface daughter that can barely get a drunken one night stand.
    All I ever hear is how pretty she is and how there are no good men

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